Meanwhile at Dodge, they’re celebrating putting 500 million horsepower on the road

We’ve got two months to go until Christmas, but given that more horsepower is almost always merrier, Dodge is rather festive at the moment. As of October 22, the brand announced that 500 million collective horsepower now roams the roads in the form of Chargers, Challengers, and Magnums. 

Though the 500 million stat brackets sales from the LX-based Magnum’s introduction in 2004 up through this October, Dodge put a spotlight on the countdown to 500M as of this August with its “Power Dollars” campaign. Though Durangos aren’t included in the 500-million-horsepower count, the “Power Dollars” program—which did include the SUV—appears to have, ah, supercharged the horsepower total as intended. Paralleling its $10-per-horsepower program, Dodge announced 485 million horsepower sold as of August 1, 2019, and set itself the goal of 15 million more before the end of the 2019 calendar year. Two months ahead of time, Mopar customers have apparently done Dodge proud. 

More horsepower, more performance packages, more widebody kits… a plethora of options equip Mopar’s muscle lineup, catering to the most detail-oriented of configurator dreamers. More doors are really the only controversial option in recent memory, and the 500-million-hp count proves that a significant batch of customers don’t mind door count as much as they do power figures. From drag strip to grocery run, we appreciate the length, breadth, and height of available Mopar horsepower. 

And so too, do many others. Deck the horsepower halls.

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