Do You Believe You Could Own Cher’s Ferrari?

Bring a Trailer

A 1972 Ferrari 246 Dino GTS once owned by rock goddess Cher is currently up for auction.

Cher bought the car new in December 1972 from Hollywood Sports Cars on Hollywood Boulevard and the following March added a CHERS vanity plate, just in case anyone missed her jet black mane flowing in the breeze as she cruised with the roof panel removed.

The Dino is finished in Rosso Chiaro over Nero leather, its 2.4-liter V-6 is fed by triple Weber carbs and it breathes out through an ANSA exhaust system. Cromodora five-lug alloy wheels wearing Michelin XWX tires complete the look. Inside there’s a MOMO steering wheel, Becker audio system and power windows.

Bring A Trailer

Cher’s affair with this particular Ferrari was cut short in spring 1974 when her divorce from Sonny Bono loomed. She sold the car to IMSA racer Chris Cord via Hollywood Sports Cars. Cord didn’t keep it long, but the next owner architect Donald MacDonald looked after it for the next 39 years, keeping it in immaculate condition.

Over the last ten years the current keeper opted to turn back time and fully restore the Dino to its original state. With 65,000 miles on the clock and a complete history file including authentication from Ferrari specialist Marcel Massini, the car is being sold with a mass of memorabilia including LP records and photographs.

This car wasn’t Cher’s only Dino. Not long after she split from Sonny the singer bought a dead ringer GTS, although she then is said to have had George Barris paint it (Am I) blue with white stripes.

At the time of writing the auction on Bring A Trailer had reached $500,000 but as there’s still six days to go before one lucky buyer is able to say I Got You Babe about this fabulous Ferrari.


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    I will not hold it against the car that Cher owned it.

    More impressed Chris Cord was an owner. Great Driver

    Chris was a great Ferrari person. Had a number of 250 GTOs that he owned at various times. Also a 250LM briefly. Restored/resurrected the 121 LM that McAfee had crashed in.

    By the way, it is “Hollywood Sport Cars” not Sports in plural.

    Wasn’t Carrol Shelby the one who initiated the insistence that they are sport cars rather than sports cars?

    Do you believe? No, I will never own it. Now I have that horrible Auto-tuned chorus in my head. Little did we know nearly everything in pop music will get auto-tuned. Pop music is dead.

    Best to get your music from a live band, or – lacking that ability or opportunity – from the old recordings before auto-tune was invented.

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