Diesel is dead, declares Volvo

Cameron Neveu

Volvo has announced the death of its diesel cars, with the last example set to leave the production line in early 2024.

What’s more, as the Swedish firm transitions to an all-electric line-up, Volvo says, “We’re no longer spending a single krona of our R&D budget on developing new internal combustion engines.”

“Electric powertrains are our future, and superior to combustion engines: they generate less noise, less vibration, less servicing costs for our customers and zero tailpipe emissions,” explains Jim Rowan, Chief Executive at Volvo Cars. “We’re fully focused on creating a broad portfolio of premium, fully electric cars that deliver on everything our customers expect from a Volvo—and are a key part of our response to climate change.”

Volvo says that by 2030 it will only sell electric vehicles and is targeting 2040 to be completely climate-neutral, even though it has until 2035 to go all-in on EVs after the U.K. rolled back its commitment to 2030 to align with the European Union. “What the world needs now, at this critical time for our planet and humanity, is leadership,” adds Rowan. “It is high time for industry and political leaders to be strong and decisive, and deliver meaningful policies and actions to fight climate change. We’re committed to doing our part and encourage our peers as well as political leaders around the globe to do theirs.”

Volvo’s change in direction has been remarkably rapid. As recently as 2019 the majority of the company’s cars sold in Europe were powered by diesel, while its latest figures show hybrid and fully-electric have taken the lead.

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    Okay diesel is not dead and you just talking a bunch of nonsense people are using diesel today are you a trip do not talk that kind of garbage you got to have diesel biodiesel a vehicles and you have electric diesel too what in the problem is the is Volvo is doing you got a good car and trucks SUVs I need to get with the diesel don’t screw it up okay please and Yahweh Ellen’s name amen

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