Cyberpunk Miata is latest real-life build to earn Hot Wheels immortality

Courtesy of Hot Wheels

The 2023 Hot Wheels Legends Tour has crowned its new winner after some intense deliberation. This 1990 Mazda MX-5, nicknamed “Chimera” and built by Chris Watson, will be the sixth owner-built car to be transformed into a 1:64 model.

Watson built his futuristic, apocalyptic MX-5 in New Zealand, which explains the right-hand-drive configuration. The car has a number of custom touches that transformed the compact sports car from cute roadster to purposeful racer. The custom top, with its center fin and louvers, will be the first thing that sets it apart, even once it’s scaled down to handheld size. The car’s flares give it a menacing stance, and its carefully airbrushed body panels create a weathered look fitting a post-apocalyptic video game. The MX-5 looks like it could be a part of either the Borderlands or Cyberpunk 2077 universe.

Courtesy of Hot Wheels

“Every year the competition gets better, and 2023 definitely didn’t disappoint,” said Ted Wu, Mattel’s vice president and global head of design for vehicles. “Chris’ journey from rural New Zealand to securing a spot in the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends is truly inspirational and embodies what this tour is all about. Chimera is a great addition to the Garage of Legends, and we can’t wait to create the die-cast version.”

Courtesy of Hot Wheels

We were biased going into this, as we were rooting for Wayne Dick and his mid-engine Corvair, a build that advanced in the competition during the Legends Tour stop in Hot Wheels hometown of El Segundo, California. However, we’ve got to agree that this vibrant Miata creation is going to look great in miniature form, and it definitely deserves the honor.

We’re already picturing it in various other color schemes and liveries that highlight its custom flares, louvered top, shark fin, and motorcycle-style exhaust. If you’d like to get your hands on this Miata, it won’t be long before it’s scanned and tooled up to become a toy on store shelves around the world.




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