Craving some rare, Art Deco metal? Head to the newly re-opened Mullin Museum

Brandan Gillogly

The Mullin Museum in Oxnard, California, did its best to open up when local ordinances allowed but was closed for most of 2020 just like every other venue where people used to gather in droves. For the first few months of 2021, its doors remained shut. However, as of April 9, 2021, that changed, which brings us to the first reason you should go visit: The Mullin Museum is open once again. The second reason to visit: It has cars—lots of rare, beautiful cars. What other reasons do you need?

1937 Delahaye Type 135 M Cabriolet
1937 Delahaye Type 135 M Cabriolet Brandan Gillogly

The Mullin Museum focuses on French cars and also has galleries of French furniture and art that continue the Art Deco theme of the space. You’ll find spunky Citroëns, sinister Avions Voisins, sleek Delahayes, and sporty Bugattis on the main floor.

Move up to the balcony level for an overview of the whole space, and you’ll find exhibits of models, sculptures, and furniture along with some fabulous racers, many of which are adorned in Bleu de France, the traditional racing color you’d associate with Talbot Lago and Bugatti Grand Prix cars.

If you’ve got some spare time and happen to find yourself in southern California, the Mullin Museum is just a few miles off of Highway 101 in Oxnard. Be forewarned, you must buy tickets in advance to ensure that they can accommodate you. The museum is following social distancing guidelines and is keeping guests spread well apart. There’s a circuit for guests to follow, plenty of hand sanitizer available, and museum employees are diligently keeping commonly touched surfaces clean. To get your tickets, visit the museum’s website. The admission price for adults is $16; seniors, students, and children receive a discount, while active-duty military and kids two-and-under are free.

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