Coyote-powered F-100 joins Velocity Modern Classics’ stable

Velocity Restorations

Florida-based Velocity Modern Classics is adding Ford’s 1967–72 F-100 to its lineup of truck- and SUV-based restomods. While the restored sheetmetal looks like that of a classic truck, the vintage exterior hides a much more modern chassis and powertrain.

Like Velocity’s heavy-duty F-250 and first-gen Bronco offerings, which we’ve road-tested, this F-100 is powered by a Ford Performance 5.0-liter Coyote V-8. Unlike those two models, the F-100 pairs the potent, 460-hp V-8 with a ten-speed automatic transmission. The chassis and suspension are also upgraded: A Roadster Shop chassis uses Fox coilovers on all four corners, with a solid, 9-inch rear axle and an independent suspension up front to provide improved ride and handling.

Braking performance and grip are also seriously improved thanks to 13-inch Baer brake rotors and 245/50R18 Michelin tires. With 3.73:1 gears and that ten-speed’s deep first gear, this thing should really move off the line.

JW Speaker LED headlights and 18-inch aluminum wheels are two of the few tells on the exterior that gives onlookers any idea that this isn’t a nicely restored, stock pickup. Look closely, and the custom-machined billet hardware provides further evidence. Fresh BASF Glasurit paint can be custom selected in two-tone options that fit the vintage look of these trucks.

The interior of the F-100 carries on the theme of upscale yet low-key, an aesthetic which we appreciated on our drives of both Velocity’s Bronco and F-150. Vintage Air HVAC systems are neatly integrated and a Velocity-exclusive Dakota Digital gauge cluster is a perfect fit for the classic truck interior while providing all of the information needed to keep tabs on the modern powerplant. The only real deviation from the OEM styling comes from the Alpine head unit: It serves as the monitor for a backup camera and heads up the Focal sound system.

Velocity is currently taking orders for the Signature Editon shown here as well as for the Street Editon, which boasts improved on-road handling thanks to 20-inch Forgeline wheels with wider Michelin rubber, two-way adjustable Fox coilovers, and brakes featuring 14-inch rotors and larger six-piston calipers. Velocity is planning on a 14-week turnaround time for each F-100 build and expects the first customer models to be delivered this fall.




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    My friends, Al and Scott (long time builder brothers) are doing the same thing. Theirs has an interesting hydraulic lifting bed hinged at the rear so they can change the really big rear tires when needed. Their biggest challenge to date was finding a decent hood without the typical bend in the middle. Al plans to drive it cross country when completed. Shouldn’t take very long!!

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