This mid-engine C8 Corvette rear end sure looks real

We’re less than two weeks away from the day GM plans to officially reveal the long-hyped mid-engine C8 Corvette, but now that a very legit-looking shot of its sculpted rump is circulating on the Internet, we’ve got an early, uncamouflaged amuse bouche to savor.

Amidst other leaked details that have spilled out, this blurry photo of the Corvette’s rear clip is the clearest picture of the wedge-shaped C8 to come. There’s no definitive way to tell if the photo, posted to, is real. CorvetteForum user AbsolutHank posted a low-res image of the new Vette’s tail (that he yoinked from Facebook) with the caption “Found it on Facebook…seems legit?” 

Seems legit, indeed. 

C8 Corvette Camo Official announcement  new york streets
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Everything from the location of the exhaust tips to the shape of the rear spoiler matches the spy photos of the mid-engine monster. We’re also not shocked to see a set of very Camaro-esque taillights staring back at us, although the whole back end looks a bit like a ’Maro butt squinching at the camera.

Forum users speculate that the blue paint in the photo could be Elkhart Blue—a color that GM added to the lineup in 2019 for the C7 Corvette. The more fantastical option: it’s the very same shade of blue that premiered on the CERV III at the 1990 Detroit Auto Show. Sweet, sweet Corvette nerdom.

So far, we don’t know much else about the mid-engine C8 for sure. Out intel suggests it will debut in base form with a 500-plus-hp LT2 V-8 engine, with higher-output twin-turbo V-6 and hybrid versions perhaps to follow.

To be sure, all this needs to be taken lightly. The quality of the picture is so poor, there’s always the possibility this is an elaborate hoax. After all, who would spend copious amounts of time fabricating a tantalizing farce? Answer: rabid Corvette fanatics.

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