Classic Meyers Manx dune buggy reborn with new DIY kit

Meyers Manx

In a sea of fiberglass kit cars that were merely imitations, the Meyers Manx beach buggy was an innovation. Now, a new evolution of the iconic Bruce Meyers design allows fans of the beautiful ’60s runabout to build their own version, complete with a few notable updates by renowned designer Freeman Thomas.

The Meyers Manx is easily the most recognizable dune buggy ever designed, and it spawned an entire industry of VW Beetle–based clones. By stripping away the Beetle’s body and shortening the stamped chassis pan, Bruce Meyers created a nimble, lightweight vehicle that made excellent use of the Beetle’s modestly powerful engine.

Choosing the Beetle as the donor meant that there was a huge stockpile of available vehicles to use. (VW would eventually build over 15,000,000 of them.) The choice also gave performance-hungry Manx customers a huge selection of compatible, aftermarket speed parts.

An all-new Meyers Manx Remastered Kit uses modern technology to make a fiberglass body that is more precise than the original’s and includes a couple of updates for easier assembly. The dash panel is removable, simplifying the process of wiring, and features integrated tubes to house the harness. An all-new, locking trunk provides a tidy compartment for secure storage.

“It is a privilege to work on the Manx dune buggy, which is such an iconic piece of California cultural history,” Freeman Thomas says. “The goal of the Remastered program was to preserve [founder] Bruce Meyers’ unmistakable design while incorporating modern touches that make full assembly accessible to more people.”

Meyers Manx Remastered Kit rear square
Meyers Manx

The company is currently taking deposits for the Remastered kit, which costs $5995. Slap down a 50 percent deposit, or just under $3000, and you’ll receive the body, dashboard, and trim required to make the most basic version of the buggy. It includes your choice of 18 solid gel-coat colors, with 46 metallic colors as a $1000 option. You will still have to supply your own VW Beetle for the chassis, suspension, steering, lights, and drivetrain; but there are so many reproduction parts available, it’s likely you could complete the kit with entirely new parts.

This kit will hopefully enable a new generation of enthusiasts to build their dream dune buggy, but for those seeking a turn-key option, the battery-powered Meyers Manx 2.0 is expected to go on sale this year as well.

Meyers Manx Remastered Kit sand dune action
Meyers Manx


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