Chevy’s timing for farewell sixth-gen Camaro is not great

This ZL1 1LE press image, for reference, is from back in March. Chevrolet

Chevrolet plans to give the sixth-generation Camaro a going-away present. The goodbye gesture will take the form of a Collector’s Edition package available on 2024 RS and SS models, as well as a limited number of ZL1s. We don’t know yet exactly what the Collector’s Edition may entail, only that it will likely reference the car’s development name: Panther.

We can expect more details on the Collector’s Edition later this year, as orders will open this summer.

chevrolet camaro sixth-gen final send-off collectors edition last
View of ZL1 badge on 2024 model with Collector’s Edition package. Pre-production model shown. Actual production model may vary. Available in summer 2023. Brandan Gillogly

“As we prepare to say goodbye to the current generation Camaro, it is difficult to overstate our gratitude to every Camaro customer, Camaro assembly line employee, and race fan,” said Scott Bell, global vice president of Chevrolet. “While we are not announcing an immediate successor today, rest assured, this is not the end of Camaro’s story.”

The Collector’s Edition Camaros are announced in the wake of the new Challenger SRT Demon 170, revealed only two days ago.

Dodge’s Challenger just got a 1025-hp, E-85-swilling sendoff; unless we’re in for a huge surprise later this year, the Camaro looks to be getting an aesthetic package. Unique floor mats would not surprise us.

This discrepancy is hardly surprising. Compared with Ford and Dodge and their celebration of the Mustang and Challenger, Chevrolet never put much effort into selling the sixth-generation Camaro, despite its stellar performance. Yet it remains one of the most capable, most satisfying driver’s cars on the market.

The writing, however, was on the wall when much of the Camaro’s engineering team got reassigned elsewhere at Chevrolet and a sixth-generation Z/28 never materialized. We’re still wondering what might have been if Chevrolet had developed an all-out, naturally aspirated track machine.

chevrolet camaro sixth-gen final send-off collectors edition last
2024 Chevrolet Camaro (preproduction) with Collector’s Edition package, available summer 2023. Brandan Gillogly

Considering the rumors swirling that Camaro and Corvette will become sub-brands within Chevrolet, we’re wary about any future Camaro model that isn’t a sporty, rear-wheel drive coupe. Camaro fans: If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on this all-American sports car, don’t dawdle much longer.


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    Don’t you shave in the shower or “bathtub”… which is appropriate for an optional Camaro accessory, since driving the current generation Camaro is like trying to drive sitting deep in a bathtub.. Visibility? Who cares about visibility? If I won one, I’d have to sell it immediately…

    Agree whole heartily! Ford sells Mustangs because they look like Mustangs, EV version excepted, not like the lead car in the CARS movie! Had Ford done the same retro styling on the Tbird, they’d still be selling them too!

    GM and Dodge are, once again, dropping the ball…Everyone doesn’t want a $50,000 SUV or crossover..They screwed the pooch in the 70’s and they are doing it again..The era of affordable vehicles is gone forever..

    Chevrolet’s (and GM’s) management has been ‘unimaginative’ for many years.. and building 12 different models of SUV seem to be their goal.. Good luck to departing the automobile business~

    Another article that really doesn’t tell you a thing or show you anything but a dark picture of a Camaro. Do some research Hagerty and let us know when you find something worth printing ! Put your eyes on it and report the facts, not something you sat at your desk and read on the internet and inserted your personal opinion.

    It won’t do it for very long. All of that blazing performance will make you look for a charging station. Then you will have plenty time to cry

    A full EV future is not going to happen. The resources on this planet are not here, plain and simple. EVs will never have the following that these V8 cars have, and manufactures will be scrambling to exist in the future. I say good ridden to them all.

    EV and many other highly-touted “non-fossil fuel” strategies in other sectors of our daily lives are not as rosy as they are painted – incorporating a significant degree of “smoke and mirrors”. Where will all the electricity come from for charging, when we are already experiencing rolling brownouts and blackouts in peak demand periods?? Hydro electric dams are tapped out. Moratoriums are being implemented against more nuclear generation. There are only so many windmills (killing migrating birds) and solar panels you can build and operate – , and except in barren southern territories, where will you get te space and consistent sunshine required for that? You have to top up with coal, oil, and gas fired generating systems to meet the upper end electrical demand. So you’re not a lot further ahead. But no one wants to admit “The Emperor has no clothes!”. Hopefully, somewhere, we will find a realistic balance.

    That would be like getting upset because someone’s electric guitar is louder than my acoustic. Enjoy your Tesla all you want.

    The only performance car left will be the Corvette. The future does not look good. The current Camaro is not easily to live in daily wise so I’m not surprised the Mustang or Charger/Challenger sell so much better.

    wow…after reading the short number of comments…it’s not surprising the car in retiring…again.

    Amazing how the manufacturer continues to FAIL to learn from the previous mistakes.

    What part of 911 Porsche does Chevrolet not get? I’m talking about not only brand loyalty but a movement of sorts behind the lifestyle. And from my perspective, it wasn’t hard. A simple timeless design that has successfully evolved to a segment leader while maintaining the spirit that has carried through from beginning to present. Corvette shouldn’t be the only mark that can carry on. But if Chevrolet/GM is given enough time…I’m sure the Vette may become a memory like the Camaro.

    Watch BMW completely ruin its brand….outside of China

    If you don’t like it SCROLL ON. Get so tired of people complaining about services that are free to them and NO it’s not part of your Ins. Premium. It’s free to anyone !!!!!!!

    The Firebird was ALWAYS the better looking of the two, besides maybe the 1st gen cars, even that 6th gen Trans Am built by Trans Am depot outta Florida looked way better than the production model 6th gen Camaro. Camaro was first to market before the Firebird only reason it was so popular.

    It’s all About Burning Rubber Electric Cars Can’t and No one Ever says That’s a nice Looking Tesla they Are only For Commuting and who Has Time To charge or Have no Air Conditioning when Your trying to Make it to the Next Charging Station

    Why does GM continually drop the ball with the Camaro? I’m not a Camaro guy but c’mon GM. Camaro has a following and you guys just keep leaving them out in the cold.

    Just go ahead and make it all electric and call it the Z28. Ford did it with their electric ‘Stang.

    I don’t want to give GM any ideas, but they could make an electric Camaro and call it the E28.

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