Charge, the English company making $390,000 electric-powered ’60s Mustangs, poaches designer Mark Roberts

While British outfit Lunaz Design set out to offer a wide range of restored and electrified classics starting from $430,000, fellow British startup Charge Automotive is focusing on brand-new builds of Mustang Fastback EVs. Why? Perhaps because if an “Eleanor” Mustang can sell for $385,000 at auction, maybe there are also 499 people out there willing to pay at least $390,000 for an electric Fastback that’s good for 200 miles on a charge. I would argue that people tend to like their Mustangs with V-8s, and at a fraction of that price. Ford did some research in this field, and the sales figures of the 1964–2020 period paint a pretty clear picture.

Either way, those who dare will be happy to learn that the company just signed Mark Roberts, the graphic designer who as of 1989 became McLaren’s ninth employee, and went on to draw all logos, manuals, and technical blueprints for the McLaren F1 program. Following that, Roberts just kept working on all cars that followed as McLaren Automotive’s Head of Design Operations. This suggests the Charge Mustangs will come with some pretty impressive design details, which is something to be expected at a base price of $390,000.

After three decades at Woking, McLaren’s former expert had this to say about his move to the EV startup:

“Charge has something really special and I felt it the moment I walked in the door—a spark and an energy that only a startup can have. It reminded me of when I first started at McLaren. I’ve always had a real passion for classic vehicles, and after many years working with cutting-edge technology on super cars, I love the concept of taking an iconic classic and incorporating super car technology into it whilst always respecting the original design. I’m looking forward to working on electric cars with real soul that give people a way to show their personality whilst still being mindful of their carbon footprint.”

Just to recap, Charge Automotive’s all-wheel-drive Mustangs pack up to 469 horsepower, 885 foot-pounds of torque, and a 64 kWh battery pack for a range of 200 miles. The EV technology comes from a company called Arrival, while Charge’s tire partner is Michelin. As you’d expect, rear-wheel-drive mode is also available, in case all that rubber needs to turn into thick smoke.

Charge says its officially-licensed body shells preserve the classic design, while bespoke interiors and a cutting-edge digital interface will bring its Mustangs to a whole new level in terms of comfort, performance, and usability. This could also be a muscle car for the future in urban, potentially EV-only-manadated city centers.

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