Here is Cadillac’s first all-electric vehicle

Cadillac is setting its course on a slightly different tack than other luxury automakers. The new XT6 crossover is primed to bring money in the door in the short term, but looking ahead, it’ll be EVs that will take GM’s luxury brand into the future. Cadillac’s future hinges on a modular electric platform, the first product of which will look very much like this yet-unnamed concept that Cadillac teased ahead of the 2019 Detroit auto show.

While we haven’t seen the design in three dimensions yet, the renderings are promising. Styling centers on an Escala-concept-inspired front end. The nose is designed primarily for sensor integration rather than air flow for cooling or engine intake. Up front we can also make out a new logo, which looks cleaner and more futuristic than the traditional badge.

The goal for the new platform is to have an “ice cube tray styled battery,” wherein power output and charge capacity can easily be modified as needed by adding cells to the main battery. Depending on the needs of a specific model, Cadillac can modify the platform relatively simply.

This first Cadillac all-electric crossover will not appear until 2021, and other EVs on this platform are sure to follow. There will be plenty to keep Cadillac busy in the interim though—a new model is set to release every six months for the next two years.

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Cadillac Shows Brand’s First Fully Electric EV Cadillac
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