Cadillac Optiq: Even GM needs a small electric luxury SUV


As expected, Cadillac is growing its lineup of electric SUVs from one to two, downsizing as it adds.

Meet the Optiq. Smaller than the Lyriq, which we drove back in June of 2022, its battery and motors will likely share basic ingredients with other electric vehicles in the General Motors catalog. All signs point to it riding on a variant of GM’s BEV3 platform, making it closely related to the Lyriq, Chevy Blazer EV, and Chevy Equinox EV.

We can guesstimate the powertrain specs of the Optiq based on the Blazer, but we’re definitely guessing, because Cadillac was precious with details: Probably single- or dual-motor configurations, the former with the higher range (300 miles) and the lower output (210 hp), the second with inferior range (280) but superior power (290). Both versions will likely be able to charge at 150kW via DC fast-charging, though most people will top up each day at home or at work using a 240-volt Level 2 charger.

2024 cadillac optiq sport ev suv electric

This tinier electric Caddy is also saddled with the same silly “-iq” suffix as all other battery-powered Cadillacs, including the genuinely majestic, built-to-order Celestiq, which we first poked around in October but have not yet driven. (Just replace -q with -ck, and you’ll pronounce the names correctly.)

What else do we know about the Optiq? Cadillac says it’ll be a global model possessed of “spirited driving dynamics,” which in practice probably just means a lot more torque than the gas-engine XT5 it effectively replaces. Beyond that, Cadillac says, sit tight—more will be revealed in 2024.




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    That looks like a Toyota to me.
    Great! Just what we need, another 200 mile EV city car when what we really need is a reasonably priced EV with a 500 mile range for areas of the country where towns are a hundred miles apart, that looks like a pickup. For 500 miles a day trips. Towing a trailer. Up mountains. Because, yes, there are mountains out here. There’s a big part of America they just don’t see.

    Mfger’s see those wide expanses, but they don’t see enough people (customers) in them to invest in the vehicle you describe – yet. We’re at 336 million & counting. Give it a little time and the open spaces will be populated enough to congest the roads with big – really big – electric trucks.

    Yawn. Gimme 3 motors and call it a V. Then we can talk.
    Or…better yet…make a big coupe with 500tq. Call it the Coupe D’EVille. Electric power is perfect for recapturing what Cadillac was known for back in the day and modernizing it. Smooth, quiet, torquey power delivery.

    Look they put numbers on them you complain, they put names on them you complain, they name it a Eldorado they you still complain.

    The truth is if a car is right the name matters little. The vehicle drives the name.

    As for small sort SUV. They pay the bills. Everyone does them as they they are a volume model and money is made.

    As for the EV. The automakers are forced into the EV models. Till you vote in people to change the EPA and Carb you are going to be forced into the like it or not.

    GM is making ICE and EV in hopes they can continue the ice models. But regulations need to change and only you can do it.

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