C8 Corvette brings in 300+ deposits at Tokyo Auto Salon


We all know that the 2020 Corvette has made a huge splash in the automotive community. It prompted many fans of the plastic fantastic to open their wallets and drop a deposit as soon as it was unveiled in the U.S., so many people, in fact, that every 2020 C8 may already be spoken for. Now, according to an article by Yahoo Japan, more than 300 buyers have made similar deposits for the Corvette when it lands in Japan in the spring of 2021. 

After appearing at the Tokyo Auto Salon, more than 300 prospective buyers signed up in the two and a half days when the pre-orders were available. Unlike every previous generation of the Corvette that had an engine for the steering shaft to contend with, the C8’s mid-engine configuration will more easily allow a right-hand-drive variant, allowing Chevrolet to make the Corvette a global sports car.

The Corvette’s price in Japan will be 11.18 million yen ($102,000) for the base 2LT and close to 14 million yen ($127,000) for the 3LT, the only two trim levels that will be available at launch. In contrast, Japan’s home-grown mid-engine sports car, the Honda NSX, retails for 24.4 million yen ($222,000).

It seems that just like it does in America, the Corvette’s amazing performance-to-cost ratio will bring in buyers around the globe. Australia, it looks like you’re up next!

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