Bugatti Marks 100 Years of the Type 35 with a Fabulous French Grand Prix Road Trip


In 1924 five Bugatti Type 35s made their way 600 miles cross country from Molsheim to Lyons to enter the French Grand Prix. A century later 23 Type 35s have just repeated the journey, accompanied by another 26 vintage Bugattis.

During its incredible racing career the Type 35 secured more than 2500 victories—a feat that’s still unmatched—but this trip was taken at a more leisurely place by the priceless convoy, taking three days to reach the destination.

Beginning at the lavish Château Saint Jean in Molsheim, which was bought by Ettore Bugatti in 1928, the Bugatti Club France brought out six examples of the Little Car Company’s Baby II Centenary Type 35 Edition for the owners of full-sized models to experience.

Bugatti Type 35 100th anniversary 6

Then it was time to hit the road, with a first stop at the world’s largest collection of Bugatti cars housed in the Musée National de l’Automobile at Mulhouse. Formerly the private collection of the rather notorious Schlumpf brothers, it’s now owned and operated by the French government who preserve the precious Type 28 and Royale – once the most expensive car on the planet.

The convoy battled the elements with only their goggles to protect the drivers as they crossed the Vosges mountains to the plateau of Lyon. In Lyon they joined 120 pre-war cars to mark the 100 years since the famous race took place, before a final ascent through the switchbacks into the Monts du Lyonnais.

“We are delighted to have brought together Bugatti enthusiasts from across the globe, traveling from nine countries, to celebrate the historic milestone of the Bugatti Type 35” said Olivier Bohin of Club Bugatti France. “For us to have been able to commence our specially curated event in Molsheim, where Ettore’s adventure first started, was simply the perfect way to start the experience. Connecting the past to the present is a value that is intrinsically important for both the Bugatti brand and Club Bugatti France, allowing for our guests to feel the connection and experience emotional moments that will last a lifetime.”


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