Bugatti bugs cause recall of 77 hypercars

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Bugatti/Richard Pardon

Over 70 Bugatti owners are facing an unscheduled trip to the dealership after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced two recalls for the Chiron, Chiron Sport, and Divo.

The first group of wealthy athletes, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and influencers lining up to have their cars fixed will be 73 cars long thanks to a bug in the electronic stability control system of cars built between 2017 and 2020. A software glitch means that after an ignition cycle the system does not default back to its original ‘everything on’ mode if the driver has selected Handling mode. The NHTSA says that this means the cars do not comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for ESC systems. This will be easily fixed with revised software.

Recall number two only affects four Divos and Chirons from 2020, but it’s rather more scary and expensive to sort out. Under certain conditions the left rear driveshaft may break and even detach itself from the car, so if you are one of those lucky-unlucky owners you’d better get to your dealership sharpish. Bugatti will replace the driveshaft with an uprated unit and, of course, there will be no charge for either of these recall repairs.

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