This blacked-out Nissan GT-R is a seriously capable camera car

The Nissan GT-R has been chasing supercars since 2007. Over the last decade, it also continual updates, jumping into the 2020s with 600 horsepower and less weight than ever. Recently, the most dedicated GT-R fans could even buy a Nismo redressed in carbon fiber by Italdesign. Few people need a GT-R for professional purposes, but for the those that do, no shiny GT-R50s or hardcore Nismo can beat a trusty base model, sprayed matte black in this application to become—in this case—a filmmakers’ dream ride.

The name of Mauro Calo might be familiar to fans of stunt driving. As a professional precision driver and automotive video expert, Calo designed a GT-R with a custom tubular aluminum structure bolted to its chassis, so it would hold the weight of the professional carbon fiber gimbal camera mounting system.

nissan gtr camera car taillight mount closeup

Nissan helped to locate a suitable donor GT-R, and the result is known now as the “Godzilla Tracking Rig.” This four-seater performance machine will not only keep the entire crew needed for a shot onboard in safety, but can also swap its camera assembly back and forth in just 20 minutes.

Film crews tend to use performance SUVs to end up with a non-reflective high-speed rig that can handle wet, rough surfaces and occasional track action without breaking a sweat under the extra loads. If you do more off-roading, Porsche Cayennes and Jaguar F-Paces seem to be the ticket, while track-focused shooters can go as radical as a Honda CBR1000-powered Westfield Seven. Still, if you want the combination of real speed and versatility on track, there’s perhaps no better option than a solid GT-R.

Naturally, when Nissan UK needed some crisp footage of its new 2020 GT-R Nismo, Mauro Calo got the call. Check it out below.

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