“Bespoke,” a 1959 Impala, Wins 2024 Al Slonaker Memorial Award

Brandan Gillogly

David Rush’s 1959 Chevrolet Impala hardtop, dubbed “Bespoke,” beat 10 other entrants to claim the 2024 Al Slonaker Memorial Award at the Grand National Roadster Show (GNRS) in Pomona, California. The award is named in honor of the founder of the GNRS and is open to vehicles that do not fall into the narrow range of roadster models competing for the title of America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR). For example, while the AMBR contenders consisted of eight cars from 1932 and a single 1934 model, the entrants for the Al Slonaker Memorial Award were far more varied, with everything from a 1931 Ford Victoria to ’60s muscle cars and pickup trucks.

Brandan Gillogly

Steve Cook Creations was responsible for shepherding the Impala on its journey from stock sheet metal to its final form as a carefully tailored masterpiece. Bespoke rose to the top and wowed judges with its phenomenal attention to detail on everything from its Roadster Shop chassis, to its Don Hardy LS V-8 engine, to its flawless upholstery from Gabe’s Custom Interiors. The custom touches to the car that Steve Cook Creations seamlessly blended in include one-off valences front and rear, massaged body lines, and a raised front wheel opening.

The full-size Chevy wears a custom-mixed green paint job that is clean and understated, much like last year’s winner. If this signals a trend, we’d put our money on a big Pontiac or Oldsmobile taking home the win next year, but of course, there’s far more to it than that. There are likely a dozen or more cars and trucks that are gunning for next year’s Slonaker Award, and we’re sure that plenty of those owners and builders were taking lots of notes when this sleek cruiser was unveiled. Congratulations to David Rush and the crew at Steve Cook Creations for completing such a stunning creation.




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    I was at the show on Sunday. These photographs do not do the car justice. If you think these photos are pretty amazing, you are missing out on the true beauty of this vehicle. Standing next to her and seeing it with your own eyes, is simply Stunning!

    It’s a tribute to the inherent beauty of ’59 Chevys that the exterior and dash of this car are not radically customized. Sure, things have been cleaned up, like the raised front wheel openings. But it is still easily identifiable as a ’59 Chevy. I’m sure that “Bespoke” deserved to win, but I’d say it was due to its ultra-perfect build, not a better interpretation of GM’s styling.

    I love everything about this car, from the paint color to the gorgeous upholstery to the faux 409 valve covers to the license plate. Well done, and a very well deserved award.

    Nice to see everyone in agreement! We are united! 😲 Beautiful car. My dad has 2 59’s. Last one he sold back in the 80s convertible 348 powerglide.

    It’s beautiful. I have always loved the 59-60 Chevrolet. If I had a few hundred thousands laying around maybe I could have one also.

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