This Barris-era Batmobile build is a must-have for any caped crusader

You see the Batsignal, tighten your cape, and run down the stairs to jump in your… Camry? If ever your late-night caped crusading needed a more appropriate support vehicle, that time is now. Lucky for you, this 1966 Batmobile recreation is up for grabs.

It is unknown how many original Batmobiles were built for promotional use and the like, but while the total number might not be certain, this car is said to be the sixth produced by Jay Orhrberg Hollywood Cars as a faithful replica of the original George Barris-built car. It saw no screen time in film or on TV, but instead it likely toured the country educating youth on the devilish nature of drugs and alcohol.

Don’t let the humble resume hide that this all-steel recreation includes the dash-mounted Batphone, gumdrop light, and six tailpipes exiting the impossible-to-ignore rear-mounted faux jet engine. In order to see those, however, you’d have to look past the slick black-with-red-detail paint job that covers the multitude of custom curves and flares.

1966 Batmobile Recreation front grille
1966 Batmobile Recreation RM Sotheby's
1966 Batmobile Recreation rear quarter
1966 Batmobile Recreation RM Sotheby's

1966 Batmobile Recreation 3/4 high
1966 Batmobile Recreation RM Sotheby's

All this custom detail is sitting on 1959 Lincoln frame rails and running gear. The V-8 topped with a four-barrel carburetor likely doesn’t pack much “POW,” but that is certainly not what owning the Batmobile is about. This car will be the star of any cars-and-coffee event it attends, but if that’s your plan you’d better own a trailer—this unique piece of history is not titled to drive. Bill of sale only.

This isn’t the first time a Batmobile has come up for sale. In fact, one believed to be the fifth built (and more detailed under the hood than this car) brought $165,000 in May. To the right bidder, this car is an opportunity to own history. Top the rest of us, it’s a license to daydream.

This Batmobile recreation is set to cross at RM Sotheby’s Peterson Automotive sale on December 8, where it is estimated to sell for $175,000-$225,000.

Editor’s note: The Batmobile replica was a no sale at $125,000.

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