Audi celebrates 40 years of quattro with a TT for the price of an R8

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Audi has announced a run of just 40 special TTs to commemorate four decades of the quattro and each is almost as expensive as the flagship R8 supercar.

The TT RS “40 years of quattro” cars are only available in Germany, where they cost €114,000 ($134,000). For comparison, a new R8 is $169,900.

Clearly this TT is something special. Its 2.5-liter, five-cylinder engine delivers a 400-hp punch, accompanied by a characteristic thrum defined by its unique 1-2-4-5-3 firing sequence. The engine drives all four wheels, of course, through the multi-plate quattro system. There’s wheel-selective torque control to enhance handling and a number of drive modes that define the operation of the steering, seven-speed S-tronic transmission, exhaust flaps, and engine response.

Audi has removed its 155-mph speed limiter and so this TT RS will top out at 174 mph. On the way it will accelerate from 0–62 mph in 3.7 seconds.

The visual treatment is what really set apart this TT. It’s a tribute to the Audi Sport quattro S1 that stormed to victory at Pikes Peak in 1987 at the hands of Walter Röhrl. Painted in alpine white with decals on the hood, roof, and shoulders, it looks ready to take on all comers, just as Audi did all those years ago.

There’s a carbon air scoop on the hood, a bespoke aero kit with a new front splitter, side ‘flics’ and a sizable rear wing. 20-inch alloy wheels cover red-painted brake calipers.

Inside there’s black leather and Alcantara trim, plus RS sports seats. The rear seats can be removed and replaced with a carbon-fiber brace to reduce weight and add stiffness.

It’s super cool and unicorn-rare, but, at double the price of the standard RS, you’d have to be certified quattro-crazy to buy one.

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