Aston Martin Sees a Longer Horizon for Internal Combustion Powertrains

Aston Martin

As seen elsewhere, the trend towards mass adoption of electric vehicle is slowing down. In a report from AutoCar, we learn that Aston Martin is delaying their transition to electric propulsion, instead looking to hybrids powertrains for the next 10+ years of production.

Aston Martin Executive Chairman Lawrence Stroll has plans for plug-in hybrids that go far beyond the timelines contemplated by mainstream automakers who intend to use the technology as a bridge to an EV future. Stroll suggests that Aston Martin customer feedback includes having the “sound and smells” of an internal combustion engine, which further cemented their plan to go hybrid for both V-8 and V-12 models.

While Stroll suggests that electric cars will eventually happen at Aston Martin, their previous plans are no longer relevant. This included an EV Aston to be made by 2025, which has been cancelled. Stroll told Autocar that “demand for electric cars is particularly weak in the luxury segments as Aston Martins were typically not ‘first’ cars for their customers.”

Aston Martin DBX707 Apex Grey interior carbon fiber center console
Aston Martin DBX interiorAston Martin

This reality check from Aston Martin mirrors that of their intention to keep physical controls in their decadent interiors, and keeping loyal customers happy seems like a good plan when considering the current financial struggles of Lucid and Rivian. While Lucid recently received an astronomically huge cash infusion from a Saudi investment firm, Rivian is feeling the heat in the EV market.


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    Aston is an at risk company. They really have a small margin for error here and likely will haver to partner with someone to survive in the future.

    As to what they will do has a lot to do with the regulations they will face. Some countries are already banning ICE engines so they will lose these markets. Others may change and delay that will help but that is not certain.

    Then in the states much hinges on the CARB laws. While the EPA can pull back the CARB states could remain steadfast and ban ICE. This likely will take Hybrids with them. That being the case Aston can not afford to lose states like NY and CA as they are two of their biggest markets.

    Right now everyone is scrambling to see what is going to happen. Some hope for delays and others are preparing like they may not get a break. Add in the bad case of inflation going on and it just makes this even worse.

    Right not there is not a clear path for anyone to know where they have to spend their money.

    Right now if anyone had the perfect solution they would paid big money for that idea.

    I expect things to get a little crazy for a while.

    The election I expect will only be a battle ground but since the CARB states were backed up this will be fought state to state. Here in Ohio they are already backing the non ban of ICE in a bill. Others are doing the same anti CARB legislation.

    Aston’s future is cloudy as what Mercedes decides to do is more likely going to affect their existence. Besides looks I’m not sure what an Aston offers that isn’t Mercedes.

    They’re still a UK manufacturer right? If they weren’t on the brink of potential financial ruin, it just wouldn’t be right. It’s all about that Union Jack history.

    Reminds me of a story about David Brown, something like.- Brown had a friend over who asked if he’d sell him an Aston at cost. Brown said he’d be happy to do so and it would only cost about 10,000 pounds more than he’d pay at a dealership.

    Interesting…. Back in the ‘60s, David Brown Tractors were sold in Canada at some John Deere dealers, they were well finished, worked well but they were not able to compete with John Deere price wise.

    Nice job of stating the obvious Gary. I couldn’t agree more. Nobody else has quite the same look of restrained elegance and refinement while still looking faster than all get out. All that and TWO bags of crisps.

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