Ares Design resto-mods a classic 911 Turbo

Ares Design

Italian atelier Ares Design has sent its coachbuilders, trimmers, and engineers to work on a 964-era Porsche 911 Turbo.

The Modena-based outfit, run by former Lotus and Ferrari boss Dany Bahar, has previously designed limited-run specials such as the DeTomaso Pantera-inspired Panther Progettouno, the C8 Corvette-derived S1 project, and the luxuriously-retro Wami Lalique Spyder.

Alongside these ambitious coachbuilt projects the company also takes on one-off cars for customers, and this jet back 964 Turbo is a perfect example. The firm’s fabricators have installed an iconic ducktail rear spoiler, Fuchs-inspired alloy wheels, and a smoother front fascia.

A new interior has been crafted using leather and houndstooth fabric, while new instruments have been fitted and Porsche’s own PCCM infotainment system for classics has been installed.

Ares’ engineers have upgraded the turbocharger and intercooler so the 3.6-liter flat-six now produces 425 hp. There’s no mention of braking or suspension modifications, but let’s hope they’ve also been taken care of.

Ares Design says that the car was “born from an enthusiast’s vision who wanted to realize his dream car. An object of desire, as exciting to drive as it is to look at.”

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