Answer of the Week: Does the idea of a Hybrid Ford Mustang terrify you?

“Nope nope nope. Maybe they should reintroduce the Probe and other good ideas,” Billy Continental quipped on our Facebook page. No, Continental does not think that a hybrid Ford Mustang would be worthwhile. Others agreed with him.

But surprisingly, there was some consensus among our fans that as long as certain criteria are met, a hybrid pony car is OK. It was all in response to Ford’s announcement that they’d release a hybrid V-8 Mustang by 2020. We asked whether this was cause for alarm or simply a sign of the times and something to be excited about?

Christopher Spurlock summed it up tidily, “As long as it’s still got that V-8 rumble I don’t see an issue… Great gas mileage on the street and more power when needed, definitely a sign of the times.” Any other requirements? Well, one. Gustavo Casara won’t accept all-wheel drive. Even if it’s like Ken Block’s ’65?

Some folks, like Tim Neal, pointed to technological progress when asking whether “we still build with flatheads and side valves? Or do we always strive to advance?” The implication is obvious: Technology marches on. And while we may eventually lose the mechanical for the electronic and digital, and our according experiences may be altered in the process, we are going faster. And typically producing fewer emissions and using less fuel to do so. “Did Ferrari or Porsche kill the hypercars with the LaFerrari and 918?” Scott Brandt asked.

Still, for Jari Nieminen the shift to Mustang hybrids isn’t enough. Nieminen would like to know when it will be fully electric. Might we suggest a Tesla Model S?

As mentioned however, most people who responded were alright with a hybrid Mustang. Some went further: Dan Curran was “very excited,” and it “sounds great” to Peter David. At Hagerty, we’re curious and eager about the idea’s potential but will withhold judgment on its execution ‘til Ford tosses us a key.

Have an opinion on hybrid pony cars, or hybrids in general? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below.

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