Alpine turned the A110 into full-blown rally car, again

The original rear-engined A110 was so successful at rally stages that, in WRC’s 1973 debut season, Alpine won six races and took the championship. The French knew very well that, despite its small footprint, the 2017 version had big shoes to fill both in terms of design and fun factor. That’s why they built the A110 on a brand-new aluminum platform, throwing every lightweight trick at its mid-engined package to make sure their turbocharged four-cylinder could move it at the expected pace. The resulting car was good enough to be Gordon Murray’s daily driver.

original A110
Máté Petrány

For 2019 Alpine introduced the A110S, which at 288 horses has 38 hp more than the base car, as well as revamped suspension, bigger brakes, and stickier Michelins. Those who wish to race the A110 can also opt for the Cup and GT4 versions—and now, Signatech used those chassis to make a full-on rally version.

The A110 Rally’s upgrades include a three-way adjustable hydraulic suspension, a six-speed sequential gearbox with a limited-slip differential, Brembo brakes, Bosch Motorsports’ ABS system with adjustable traction control, an FIA-standard 65-liter FT3 fuel cell, Sabelt bucket seats with six-point harnesses, and a full FIA roll cage. The 1.8-liter turbo also got boosted above 300 horsepower, with its torque delivery adjusted for rallying.

Alpine and Signatech are currently developing the car for its FIA R-GT homologation with multiple two-wheel drive French Rally Champion Emmanuel Guigou and 2015 French Junior Champion Laurent Pellier, with the first A110 Rallys being set for an early 2020 delivery. Where available, they will start at €150,000 (approximately $165,000), unless you opt for the data acquisition package, and Alpine blue paint. Frankly, the latter should be a no-brainer.

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