Alfa Romeo is already planning a 33 Stradale successor

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo will continue to use its back catalog for inspiration as it builds the brand on a series of halo models. Following the sell-out success of the 33 Stradale the Italian company has quizzed customers on which cars from its storied past should be re-imagined for its future.

Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Alfa’s head of design told Autocar that, so far, it’s the star cars of the 1960s and 1970s that have come out on top. “The first car has been proved a really good exercise for us, for the Alfisti and for our customers. And we want to continue,” he said. “We asked them: ‘Hey, probably you will be customers for the next one. Which one would you like to do?'”

Autocar suggests that the 1963 Giulia TZ (above left) is a strong candidate for a recommission, along with the 1970 Montreal (above right) and the 1960 Giulietta SZ (above). Indeed, Autocar notes that the Coda Trunca aerodynamic rear end featured on the TZ is set to reappear in Alfa’s next generation, starting with a new compact SUV to be revealed in 2024.

The 33 Stradale was sold out even before it was announced to the public, with all 33 examples going to wealthy Alfisti who are believed to be paying around $2 million each. Alfa Romeo reportedly has a “long” list of similar customers ready and waiting for its next limited run supercar.

These future models, crafted under Alfa’s special operations department, known as the Bottega, will all be limited to less than 50 units. “If you go over that number, then you lose the real craftsmanship and it becomes the usual line of business,” Cristiano Fiorio, head of strategic projects, told Autocar.

Alfa’s ambition is to launch a new Bottega model every year, with additional art pieces also being conceived for devoted clients.

Which cloverleaf classic would you like to see back on the road?

Alfa Romeo Supercar driving action front three quarter
Alfa Romeo
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