Adventure awaits the Oshe Okovango Land Rover restomod

Oshe Automotive

The U.K.’s Oshe Automotive has revealed its first “Adventure” build, based on a classic Land Rover Defender. The Okovango and will be followed by more versions named after African rivers, including Limpopo, Zambezi and Sabie.

It’s “what the original Defender would have evolved into, had it been continuously developed over five decades. The ethos is a car that is capable, drives well and is distinctive in design—a clean, historically-respectful, modern interpretation of the Land Rover legend,” says the company.

Oshe’s founder David Lane grew up on a South African wildlife reserve, so it’s no surprise that his restomod projects have a rugged safari style. The Okovango is based on a short-wheelbase Defender 90 and comes with a removable bikini top. Inside, African acacia and mahogany wood trim is used alongside Marula Red leather and square-weave carpet. The dash gets an update to allow wireless phone charging, Bluetooth audio and Burmester speakers, plus more modern gauges.

It’s the underpinnings that get the most mods, mind. This model comes with a 200-hp 3.5-liter Rover V-8, but future cars will get a mighty 6.2-liter GM LT1 V-8 and an eight-speed transmission. All examples get new electrics, AP Racing brakes, and a semi-active, electronically-controlled suspension system with five different settings depending on the terrain.

Oshe only plans to build four of these Adventure vehicles a year, with prices starting at £225,000 ($281,400). If you happen to be in London you can catch one now inside the RAC Club.

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