812 Competizione: Ferrari’s latest V-12 track animal


We knew that the upcoming special edition of the Ferrari’s 812 would pack a naturally-aspirated V-12 and possess a screaming, 9500-rpm redline, but we weren’t exactly sure how Maranello would squeeze 819 horsepower from out of its characteristic powerplant. Now, after the new track-focused 812 variant’s official unveiling, all the details are out.

This hotter 812 will be dubbed the Competizione, and its edgy exterior styling is dictated by its taramc-hugging aerodynamics package as well as the cooling needs of the V-12—Ferrari’s most powerful twelve-cylinder ever built for production. The 812 Competizione’s mill shares its 6496-cc displacement with its Superfast sibling, but it hides some incremental (but critical) upgrades to generate 30 extra horsepower.


Titanium connecting rods replace the steel ones, increasing lightness. The Competizione’s crankshaft is 3 percent lighter than that of the Superfast, and the piston pins sport a coat of DLC—an exotic type of amorphous carbon that, in this application, reduces friction. Ferrari’s engineers also ensured that the Competizione’s powerplant had the airflow it needed to make power in its atmospheric rev range, redesigning both the intake manifold and plenum for high-range power.


A new exhaust tailpipe—which spots dual rectangular tips in the Competizione, rather than the quad-oval setup of the Superfast—lets the engine exhale. The car’s four-wheel steering system, shared with the Superfast, complements the extra power and downforce with agility on track. The dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox, handling 500 extra rpm compared to the Superfast, also carries over to the Competizione.

Should you prefer to enjoy the soundtrack of this Superfast-turned-to-11 in the open air, Ferrari has already anticipated your needs. The 812 Competizione also comes in a targa form, dubbed 812 Competizione A, with its removable panels constructed from carbon-fiber. Don’t expect to have your pick of this exclusive litter, however, unless you are in close contact with Ferrari; this limited-run duo will be reserved for a highly select clientele.

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