43 Chips off Ken’s Block Are Selling to Benefit Charity

43 Institute

The loss of Ken Block and his larger-than-life personality has been a void in car culture for more than a year now. If you’re looking for a little extra to bring some of his signature style to your garage or office, without requiring a television playing his videos on perpetual loop, eBay just listed 43 pieces of Ken Block memorabilia, and all proceeds are slated for the 43 Institute, a nonprofit established in the wake of Block’s death.

The items available include some real heavy-hitters from Block’s career. There are some signed prints, posters, and books, but the real interesting stuff are the wheels and other parts-turned-scrap-metal that were once affixed to one of his cars. For example, the front splitter from the Hoonicorn Mustang is one we expect to be popular. This small piece of the Hoonicorn was damaged during the filming of Gymkhana 7 and has the scars to prove it.

Other highlights include a race suit from Block’s 2016 season, the burned-up clutch from the Climbkhana: Pikes Peak video, and even the rear gearset from the Hoonicorn, along with what seems like a wheel from just about any interesting car Block drove over the years. He knew how to put on a show, but man, from the looks of it, he was hard on parts.

The parts for sale, like the turbocharger housings from the rally cars Block raced over his career, all trace to a car with the number 43 on the side. And it is now firmly a part of the foundation created in his honor. The mission of the 43 Institute is to further the ambitions of those seeking careers in action sports, motorsports, and the creative arts. Block’s dream of igniting and fueling a passion in people to continue the automotive hobby will be felt for years, but these auctions are only around for nine more days.

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