2024 Mazda Miata Gets Performance Upgrades and a $30K Price to Match


Mazda has announced pricing and packaging changes for the ever-lovable 2024 MX-5 Miata. Some of the tweaks are mechanical, some are electrical, but all look like they’ll make a fantastic car even better. Let’s dive in.

A new steering rack headlines the updates, and it’s going to grace all versions of the Miata. The new rack features revised internals that result in reduced friction and new calibration for the software. Mazda says that the resulting unit will provide not only smoother steering action and a more defined on-center feel but also greater precision for the front tires under spirited cornering.

Alongside the new steering rack, the 2024 Miata will get new exterior enhancements including new headlights with an updated LED daytime running light (DRL) element, new LED taillights, and new designs for the wheels. There’s a new paint color as well, called Aero Gray.

Interior changes include thicker padding on the center console and a revised gauge cluster with simplified, high-contrast graphics that Mazda says will be easier to decipher at a glance while on the go. There’s a new touch-capable 8.8-inch infotainment screen mounted in the center of the dashboard that offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as Alexa integration, a Mazda first. Adding Alexa gives drivers hands-free adjustment of the climate control, radio, and more.

2023 Mazda Miata abandon house color palette match
Mazda only provided one photo of the 2024 Miata (top), so enjoy this lovely shot of a 2023 car by an abandoned house. Cameron Neveu

The Miata Club, our favorite version, gets a few major tweaks in addition to that new steering rack. Chief among them is a redesigned conical-clutch limited-slip differential that now features a cam mechanism that adjusts the lockup behavior depending on which phase of the corner you’re in. Corner entry is improved thanks to a stronger lockup behavior under engine braking, which helps mitigate unwanted oversteer, while reduced lockup during corner exit will diminish unwanted oversteer.

The Miata Club’s dynamic stability control (DSC) has a new setting—DSC-Track—that will act as a middle ground between leaving the system on, potentially reducing the amount of sideways antics you can get into, and turning it completely off, potentially inviting you to meet a barrier you’d rather not kiss.

The BBS/Brembo/Recaro package, our favorite add-on to the Club model, will still net you the same three upgrades as before (17-inch forged BBS wheels, Brembo front brakes, and heated Recaro sport seats), though that package is now $4800, up $300 in cost from the 2023 model. It’s an option on all soft-top models but will be included as standard on Club variants of the Miata RF (Retractable Fastback) instead of also being an option like it was on the 2023 models.

2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club Roadster Front three quarter static in canyons
This 2021 Miata shows off the BBS/Brembo/Recaro package, a unanimous favorite among our staff. For 2024, the package’s price climbs $300 to $4800. Cameron Neveu

Speaking of pricing, MSRPs have crept up across the board, though not by much. Destination fees remain $1165 across all these models, and the following prices will factor that in. Stick with us here.

Your minimum ticket to entry, a Miata Sport, now sits just north of $30K at $30,150, up $935 from the ’23 model year. To get the Club, you’re looking at $33,650 for the soft-top version now, also up $935 from the year prior. To get the ultimate driving Miata, the soft top Club with the BBS/Brembo/Recaro package, plan to fork over at least $38,450. That’s up $1235 from the same kit in last year’s car. Opt for a Miata Club RF, which now comes standard with the BBS/Brembo/Recaro pack, and you’ll pay $1260 over a similarly-equipped ’23 Miata.

Though the Miata is one of the last great holdouts when it comes to manual transmissions, you can get an automatic gearbox if you opt for the range-topping Grand Touring version. Prices for the soft top and RF versions of the automatic-equipped Miata Grand Touring are up $1655 and $1680, respectively, now sitting at $36,370 and $39,145.

That Mazda was able to keep the price increases on the new Miata down to roughly $1000 per version is commendable, especially for a car that doesn’t sell in humongous volumes. Factor in the updates that you’re getting on this model across the board and the special touches for the extra-focused Club model, and the price hike makes sense—perhaps even coming across as a bit of a bargain. The Miata still represents one of the purest driving experiences you can buy new today, and we won’t apologize for continually singing its praises. The new updates look promising, and we can’t wait to have a go.




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    Miata updates…ok, newsworthy, fine.

    The real gem in this article is Cameron’s photo. An artist with a camera. Hagerty, I hope you value him as much as your readers do.

    Yay! A new paint color! Oh wait, it’s a sixth shade of grey……..

    Mazda please add some color to the available palette beside red. Vomit (the current beige offered), grey, white, and black are fine for some people, but would it hurt to throw a splashy color out there each year like a green or yellow or burgundy?

    Agreed! If/when I buy one of these, its immediately heading to a shop to get it wrapped. (Add $3000 to purchase price)

    Don’t hate on me for hating the “new color,” but why in the world would someone want a vehicle that is one of the hardest to see on the road, because of its low ride height and small size, and then paint it a color that blends into the pavement?

    Yellow or British Racing Green options would be great before the Miata goes hybrid/EV! Can’t do the orange since that was an anniversary special..

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