2024 Ford F-150 debuts with new tech and a trick tailgate


The Ford F-Series, led by the half-ton F-150, has long been the standard bearer for the brand. Each time it evolves, the truck seems to offer customers more capability and adaptability, keeping the Blue Oval’s offering at its competitive best. For 2024, the F-150 lineup is getting a refresh that builds on the platform launched in 2021 and adds new tech, revised looks, and improved performance where buyers want it the most.

On the powertrain front, Ford is dropping the naturally aspirated V-6 as the base engine for the F-150, making the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 and 10-speed automatic the entry-level powertrain for the half-ton. Ford also plans on giving F-150 buyers even more incentive to hop into a hybrid full-size pickup by increasing production of the PowerBoost model (a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 paired with a 47-hp electric motor integrated into the 10-speed automatic). According to Ford, the PowerBoost has accounted for 10 percent of F-150’s sales, but the company plans on doubling that figure starting in 2024.

“We’re making hybrid more accessible to our customers, giving them the power of choice by offering it at the same price as the 3.5-liter EcoBoost. This is the latest example of Ford democratizing technology for all truck customers,” said Andrew Frick, vice president of sales and trucks at Ford Blue, the company’s internal-combustion arm.

PowerBoost F-150s will offer three levels of the Pro Power Onboard system, each of which enables the truck to operate as an on-site generator. The base Pro Power Onboard offers 2.0kW of power and is available on gas-powered trucks. 2.4kW is standard for the hybrid powertrain, which comes with 7.2kW as an option. The last has been the choice of 3/4 of buyers.

Three-quarters of F-150 buyers use their trucks to tow. To help them do so with even more confidence, Ford offers a host of electronic aids including Pro Trailer Hitch Assist and Pro Trailer Backup Assist that help solo drivers hook up and back up a trailer, respectively. Pro Trailer Hitch Assist uses the corner radar and rear camera to back the truck up, both steering and braking as needed to move the vehicle into position. Onboard Scales and Smart Hitch use ride height to approximate tongue weight and help the driver properly load trailers to minimize sway. Additional tech comes in the way of Ford BlueCruise 1.2, which can access hands-free highway driving and hands-free lane changes with a quick tap of the turn signal. BlueCruise 1.2 will come on F-150s with a 90-day complimentary trial, and after that, it will be subscription-based.

Inside the 2024 F-150, drivers will interact with a 12-inch LCD touchscreen that’s standard across all trim levels and matches the 12-inch digital display behind the steering wheel, also standard across the F-150 lineup. New for 2024, Tow/Haul, Off-Road, and Rock Crawl drive modes will enable the displays to offer two camera views simultaneously.

At the stern, the optional new Pro Access Tailgate gives F-150 drivers an easier reach into the bed by giving them the option of swinging open the midsection of the gate. “Pro Access Tailgate is a game changer for our customers that dramatically improves and reinvents the customer experience, meaning less time crawling in and out of the bed, and a much larger cargo area accessible directly from the back of the truck,” said Alana Strager, F-150 program manager. The tailgate has three detents: 37 degrees, 70 degrees, and 100 degrees. The first detent allows access but will prevent you from contacting a trailer jack while towing.

Raptor and Raptor R are both back for 2024, and feature FOX Dual Live Valve shocks with position-sensitive compression control standard. Ford has programmed these shocks to adapt to changing terrain hundreds of times per second, helping maintain predictable handling.

Like the rest of the F-150 lineup, the Raptor model boasts new looks up front thanks to a new grille. On this off-roadiest of F-150s, Ford went a step further, offering an optional accessory-capable modular front bumper. The bumper is available on Raptors with the optional 37-inch tire package and gives more tire clearance and a place to mount an optional light bar. It also comes with a set of wider tow hooks compared with the standard Raptor bumper.

Tremor, the off-road trim positioned above FX4 but below Raptor, also gets new off-road goodies for 2024, including running boards and its own modular bumper. It can be fitted with a dealer-installed Ford Performance Winch Kit which uses a 12,000-pound Warn winch and an optional brush guard. More optional accessories are in the works.

2024 Ford F-150 Platinum Ford

At the top end of the lineup, Ford is replacing the Limited trim with Platinum Plus as the premier luxury F-150 offering, aiming at the likes of the GMC Denali Ultimate. Platinum Plus includes an exclusive Smoked Truffle interior theme with Bronzed Copper accents. King Ranch returns with a bi-metallic color scheme on the interior and exterior, with Sinister Bronze and chrome, with door and trim details now featuring “a micro-texture reminiscent of a bullwhip” to tie into its cattle-driving motif.

Ford has held back some details for now, although we expect most of the important powertrain specs to carry over from 2023. The company did share that the max payload of 2445 pounds is available on the regular-cab, 4×2 long bed with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6, giving the F-150 segment-leading bragging rights by just a hair. (That figure is similar to 2023’s numbers.) Likewise, its max towing rating of 13,500 pounds—this time on SuperCrew 4×4 with the 3.5-liter V-6 engine—just edged out Chevrolet’s 13,300-pound rating, achieved with the 3.0-liter Duramax engine. The 2024 Ford F-150 starts at $35,570 and the build and price website is now live. Expect the trucks to start hitting dealership lots this fall.




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    That Tailgate is just the bad Ram Idea. The last thing I want is a tailgate the breaks in half in the middle.

    GM won this round at least on the gates.

    I expect Ford to struggle as they have let go too many engineers. Yes they need electronic people but the present products have been suffering more failures and issues. GM did this in the 90’s and it really showed in the products.

    I also wonder when they will go back to a Boron Steel to help the cost and profits on the Trucks. The aluminum prices have really hurt the profits on the F150. Note the Ranger stayed steel.

    I can’t imagine how that tailgate will stand the test of time. I have 80s and 90s Fords, and I can’t see any of these new trucks lasting for 40-50 years.

    All these tailgates on any of the manufacturers are just an expensive complication that is sure to fail in regular use a few years down the road

    Agree with the concerns about the overly complicated tailgates. Rugged durability is always the answer with a truck. Gadgets and gizmos are not the answer here. These tailgates are the answer to questions that true truck buyers aren’t asking.

    A little more complication, a little more warranty claims. Or in Ford’s case deny anything is wrong and quietly say nothing.

    So, they made a crappy mini version of the Honda Ridgeline tailgate, which ironically was Honda’s take on a Ford Station Wagon “Magic Gate” tailgate from the 1960s. These new RAM/GMC/Fords have a lot of extra complexity to open a small part of the gate, compromising its strength in the middle, so I gotta say Honda is still winning this fight with their much simpler and more solid design.

    Too many do-dads and gee-gaws for me. I’ll stick with my 2010 F150 FX2 and 4.6 3V, 6 speed. The only thing with this engine is to make sure you’re using the right oil. It would be nice to have a little more power when towing but I’m satisfied. With 60k on it and at my age, it should carry me to my grave and tow my Mark VIII that I want to be buried in.

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