Finally, build your dream 2024 E-Ray on Corvette’s website


Chevrolet has taken its pricing configurator live at for the three 2024 Corvette models.

Well, most of it.

The E-Ray starts at $104,495 for the coupe and $111,495 for the convertible, and you can price out a specific model. The Z06 starts at $108,100, and “as shown, $128,650,” but when you try to price the Z06 coupe and convertible out, you get, “See dealer for pricing,” perhaps suggesting Chevrolet knows that there’s still going to be a healthy markup added to the list price due to supply and demand.

For 2023, the Z06 coupe started at $106,695, and the convertible at $114,195. You can still price out the 2023 models, just not the 2024 cars.

2023 Corvette Z06 front three quarter
GM/Richard Prince

By comparison, the base 2024 Stingray coupe starts at a relatively bargain price of $66,300 (just $405 more than 2023) or $67,895 with shipping. The convertible starts at $74,895 with shipping. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price does not include “tax, title, license, Dealer Fees and optional equipment.” We capitalized Dealer Fees for effect.

Clicking almost all the options for the Stingray coupe, including the $6345 Z51 performance package, took us to $99,650, but you can have a very nice Stingray for far less. The configurator automatically adds in the $1595 destination charge.

Adding up the $74,895 convertible the way we’d configure it—the Z51 package and mostly standard equipment for the rest—took the price to a more sensible $88,235.

2024-Chevrolet-Corvette-E-Ray-head on motion

As for the E-Ray, we went middle of the road with the coupe, adding a handful of accessories including the ZER performance package (just $500), and ended up at $131,385. As for the convertible, we again added a modest amount of features, including the cheapest package, the 1LZ, which took the price to $111,495. We then selected the killer Amplify Orange Tintcoat for $995, the carbon fiber wheels (a whopping $13,500), a base interior, and that ZER package, which took the price to $125,900.

As mentioned, you’ll have to see your dealer to completely price out the Z06. We wish you and your pocketbook the best of luck.




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    Forget dealer markups. Only thing I might care for is a Z06 but that’s not going to happen.

    I priced an E-Ray using the configurator and requested an actual quote and leadtime for delivery from my local dealer, but the salesman said no info on it is available yet. The guy was pretty clueless.

    Almost NO E-Rays will be delivered to retail customers in calendar 2023. Two reasons: 1) the waiting list for any C8 currently extends well over a year, and 2) the UAW is going to strike ALL of the Big 3 by October 1, bringing auto production to a standstill until later in 2024. Good luck to anyone who thinks they’ll be able to buy anything for less than MSRP (or more).

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