Of course the 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S can get lighter

Remember the 991-gen evolution of the 911 Turbo S? Following the tradition, that car was considerably more expensive than a regular Turbo, the all-wheel-drive 911 variant that was already faster than most supercars. But once the 992 generation was on the horizon, Porsche also threw in a limited edition of 500 Turbo S Exclusive Series models with even more power, more carbon fiber, and optional carbon wheels. To get 607 hp instead of “just” 580, you had to fork out $257,500, some $67,000 more than you did for the Turbo S.

Now, we have the 640-hp, 992-gen Turbo S, and to make sure nobody gets lost in Porsche’s seemingly endless options list, the company came up with two preset packages called “Sport” and “Lightweight.”

coupe rear

The Sport Package contains visual upgrades only, adding the Sport Design side flairs, fascia, rear wing, and a bunch of gloss black trim pieces, along with dark silver wheels and smoked taillights. The coupés get carbon-fiber roofs as well, something cabriolet Turbo S cars can’t have.

The Lightweight Package is also exclusive to the coupé and, before you get too excited, we’ll tell you that it only cuts 66 pounds off the Turbo S hardtop. For starters, these high-spec 911s come with the pair of oval tailpipes of the sport exhaust system over the standard quad setup. Along with that, lightweight fans also get the PASM sport suspension, bucket seats at the front with no seats at the rear, and reduced sound deadening with thinner glass for a better soundtrack.

With this all set for 2021, we just can’t wait for the 2027 Turbo S Exclusive Series. If that becomes reality, you heard it here first.

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