2020 C8 Corvette configuration details leaked

The wait for details on the 2020 Corvette has been agonizing, with nary an official word from Chevrolet, forcing us to rely on deep background sources for any shred of detail on the mid-engine car. The latest leak of information comes in the form of a post on Corvette Forum where a user has shared an images of what he claims is a newly ordered configuration.

Corvette Forum user NBVette4U announced his return from configuring his new C8 Corvette with a summary sheet and several photos of the configuration options on a computer screen. While there is plenty of detail and some consistency with current Corvette option codes, some of the information is off enough to make us skeptical.

For starters, the sheet indicates a front tire size of 245/35ZR10—we very much doubt the C8 has 10-inch front wheels, so either this is an egregious typo or evidence of a fake. The front and rear tire size is identical to the current Acura NSX, which either makes perfect sense or (one could argue) supports further uncertainty as to whether or not this is a hoax.

The original poster of the details calls out that it is a mid-engined car, however none of the details in the order sheet appear to confirm this. The only transmission mentions is an eight-speed dual-clutch, meaning the initial rumors of the C8 dropping a manual option could be confirmed. As we mentioned before, this is likely a variation on the Tremec-sourced gearbox used in both the Ford GT and upcoming Mustang Shelby GT500.

The engine is labeled as a LT2, which is likely a revision of the current-generation LT1. Listing direct injection, Active Fuel Management, and variable valve timing, an educated guess would put this engine somewhere in the 500-horsepower club. The current LT1 puts out 460 hp with the optional active exhaust. Displacement is listed at 6.2 liters, further aligning with the current LT1 architecture.

If this document is to be believed, it also announces three new exterior color options—Zeus Bronze, Accelerate Yellow, and Rapid Blue.

The user posting the information also noted that pricing was not given, leaving us in the dark yet on exactly what the C8 pricing structure will be.  

We will continue to update this story as we gather more information.

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