Never Stop Driving #88: Car Show Kickoff

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I’m trying something new this weekend and would appreciate your help. As part of The Amelia— Hagerty’s Concours d’Elegance and all-around automotive celebration on the northeast Florida coast—Jason Cammisa and I will be commentating live during the Broad Arrow classic-car auctions. You can watch, for free, in one of two ways:

  1. Via the Broad Arrow YouTube channel;
  2. On Samsung TV Plus Channel 1194, the Hagerty Channel.

Don’t own a Samsung TV? Not to worry: Just go to this website.

The auction starts at 11 AM Eastern (8 AM Pacific) on Saturday and runs for most of the afternoon. Please feel free to comment on the cars, the pageantry, and our performances as emcees via the article link below. Thank you in advance.

2024 Amelia Island Auctions Broad Arrow tent aerial
Hagerty Media/Deremer Studios

I’m looking forward to the auctions and everything else happening at The Amelia. Saturday morning on the golf course, a massive cars and coffee event runs alongside RADwood, the always-entertaining celebration of 1980s and 1990s automotive culture. This year’s seminars, emceed by NASCAR championship crew chief Ray Evernham, will celebrate 40 years of Hendrick Motorsports with Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Jeff Gordon, Ken Schrader, and Terry Labonte. Wow! The whole weekend is a chance to commune with car folks and I always come back with new ideas, friends, and learnings. If you make it to Amelia Island, be sure to say hello.

Cameron Neveu

Back home in Detroit, a different kind of car show, Autorama, is happening inside a convention center. Autorama is like the Oscars for hot rods, with the world’s best builders submitting gorgeously detailed custom cars in hopes of winning the coveted Ridler Award. The contestant cars, which arrive in Detroit after thousands of painstaking hours of fabrication and painting, are usually displayed with mirrors underneath so everyone can see that not one millimeter was overlooked for modifications and new finishes. Ridler Award contenders run well into the millions to build as we documented in a case study of a winner called Cadmad. There’s even a special lingo, which we defined here. Check back regularly to for the latest Autorama debuts.

Can’t make it to Florida for The Amelia? Here’s the latest from Hagerty Media to fuel your car passion.

  • This week’s Never Stop Driving podcast is an invigorating discussion with designer Richard Vaughan that delves into why new cars look so similar, the inner workings of the car industry, and a debate over our 2024 Bull Market picks. Listen on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube.
  • This remembrance of Canadian hockey player Tim Horton and his death 50 years ago in a DeTomaso Pantera was our most-read story of the past week. 

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    As interesting as it may be to be at the top shows, for many of us, the term “car show” doesn’t mean being at Pebble Beach, Amelia, or even Detroit, Oakland or SEMA. It’s just the local stuff – often only Show ‘n’ Shines. While I appreciate your coverage of the premier events, I have a bit of trouble relating to the “champagne in sponsor’s tent” crowd and those million-dollar cars. How about spending some of your travel budget attending the “everyday-guy-and-gal” shows that take place every nice weather weekend out in the hinterland? I’d love to see some of the vehicles that other “regular folks” like me are showing out there!
    Thanks for the consideration.

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