New Hagerty Motorsports Team ready to hit the track

Racers, start your engines. In an effort to fuel the passion of employees who compete for fun on the track or strip, Hagerty has created its own race team. The group is made up of four employees with varying levels of racing experience, from veterans to beginners.

“We started talking about the people here who race and what we might be able to do to promote them, and we decided it would be fun to create a team,” said Hagerty Motorsports Specialist Mark Briggs. “It’s different from traditional race teams in that we don’t sponsor them and tell them where to go. They choose the races and compete on their own time, and we support them as best we can.”

Briggs said it’s a way for Hagerty to not only support and showcase its employees’ passion but more importantly stand shoulder to shoulder with its clients and understand their interests and needs. Team drivers Davin Reckow, Logan Calkins, Larry Webster and Jeff Jagusch agree.

“We’ve all spent nights in our garage working on our cars,” Reckow said. “We think a lot alike … go through the same stuff.”

“When I mentioned that I wanted to race, I received a lot of support,” Calkins added. “It’s great that people see us out there doing it. Not only do we say we get it, we prove that we do. I think that means a lot.”

Jagusch said being a member of the Hagerty Motorsports Team will help expand his interest in other forms of racing and also inspire him to keep at it. “I think one of the coolest parts is the opportunity to meet all kinds of car people, from newer enthusiasts who just made it through racing school … to veterans with multi-car collections who have the ability to race in multiple groups because they love the thrill so much. I don’t think I’ve left a single event not inspired to go do something.”

What is it about racing that keeps the drivers coming back for more? Webster tried to explain. “Humans weren’t meant to go 100 mph, but you’re connected to a machine that takes you there. And once you have a certain confidence level, the machine will respond to you and do exactly what you ask it to do. It’s surreal,” he said. “There are times when you’re sitting at the track waiting your turn, missing your family and thinking about all the time and effort and money you’ve spent, and you wonder, ‘Why am I doing this?’ Then you drop the visor and hit the gas, and it all comes back to you.”

Members of the Hagerty Motorsports Team compete recreationally outside of their employment at Hagerty. Look for driver profiles on during the coming weeks.

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