Motorsports To Go! November 20, 2020

Jack Baruth

Welcome to Motorsports To Go! Each week, we will take a look at an upcoming event on We will tell you everything you need to know in order to participate. It’s the easiest way to get out of your recliner and into the driver’s seat. We’ll be covering everything from $25 autocrosses to million-dollar “gentlemen racer” opportunities, all of them explained in simple English via the same basic set of questions. Let’s get started!

What is it? Total Vehicle Control clinic— register at MotorsportReg.

Well, what is it? TVC is a great way to sharpen your safety skills in a controlled environment. Learn how to panic brake, how to manage a spin or slide, and how to avoid dangerous situations. It’s open to novice drivers with a learner’s permit, but it’s just as useful for experienced adults.

Where is it? Pitt Race in Wampum, PA — the old hands know this place as “BeaveRun” and it’s about an hour or so north of Pittsburgh.

What’s it cost? $250 with your car, or $400 with a Pitt Race fleet car.

What kind of car do I need? Just about anything — or no car at all, because you can use a car belonging to the track! Check out for more details.

What kind of personal equipment do I need? Long pants, long sleeves, closed-toe shoes, that’s it!

How long will it take? From 9am to 1pm.

Will there be someone to answer my questions at the event? Yes. This is an instructor-led course from beginning to end, so there shouldn’t be any time where you will be unsure as to what happens next.

Can I damage my car or get hurt? Highly, highly unlikely.

Why would I bother to do it? Even the best drivers can benefit from a little coaching and tune-up. If you’re not 100% certain how you would react behind the wheel in a dangerous situation, this is money and time well spent.

What’s the hot setup, if I have time and money to prepare? Bring what Zen masters call “the beginner’s mind”, and be ready to question everything about how you’re currently driving.

Give me two tips or tricks to really shine. Awareness and attitude are the key components necessary to get a lot out of a coached driving day; ego and insecurity are the roadblocks in your path. This is particularly true for those of us who have significant racetrack or competition experience. It’s easy for us to fall into the habit of thinking that we’re ready for anything on the street. A program like TVC will make you and your family safer.

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