3 trucks to Buy, Sell or Hold

Many of the market’s hottest vehicles right now are trucks, and because trucks are particularly popular among younger buyers, the long-term outlook for their values is pretty rosy. Not all trucks are created equal though. You can’t buy just any old pickup and expect to flip it for profit. Different models are gaining or losing momentum in the market, as measured by our Hagerty Vehicle Rating. Some vehicles are gaining popularity, some are slowing down, and some are treading water. These trucks represent each of the three categories:

BUY: 1973–91 Chevrolet C/K Blazer 87

1973 Chevrolet Blazer
1973 Chevrolet Blazer GM

Earlier Blazers, as well as Chevy C/K pickups, have been some of the hottest trucks on the market in recent months. In fact, 1973–87 C/K pickups currently top the Hagerty Vehicle Rating, so it makes sense that interest in these later Blazers would eventually rise as well. Hagerty Price Guide #3 (good) condition values for all eight-cylinder 1973–91 Blazers have risen only 9 percent over the last two years. They have plenty of room to move upward.

SELL: 1991–92 GMC Syclone 18

1992 GMC Syclone
1992 GMC Syclone GM

Buyers scrambled for good examples of the outrageously quick GMC Syclone pickup and Typhoon SUV during late 2015 and early 2016. As a result, Hagerty Price Guide #3 values for Syclones rose almost 87 percent in two years, a huge increase. While prices haven’t dropped, recent market activity has shown that Syclone prices have plateaued. Consider this one fully priced for now.

HOLD: 1966–77 Ford Bronco 93

1966 Ford Bronco
1966 Ford Bronco Ford

First-generation Broncos have been leading the charge in the growth of vintage truck and SUV prices. Condition #3 values in the Hagerty Price Guide have increased an average of over 27 percent over the last two years. While that kind of growth might ordinarily suggest that prices may soon flatten out, the new Ford Bronco coming in 2020 may spark even more interest in these earliest models, so it’s probably worth it to wait and see.

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