How much is your classic worth? Use the Hagerty Valuation Tool

How do you figure out how much your classic or collector car is worth? Easy, check in out in the Hagerty Valuation Tool. Hagerty is the industry standard for determining classic car values, with recommended prices based on actual sales. Our database covers more than 40,000 individual cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles from the post-war era to modern collectibles. And unlimited access to the depth of data in our valuation tool is one of the perks of Hagerty Drivers Club membership.

The difference that sets the Hagerty Value apart is our data and expertise, but we also know that a single number can’t cover the wide range of conditions cars come in. To account for the difference between a tired, well-worn daily driver and a pristine concours example, we have four different condition classifications for every rated vehicle.

If you want to test drive the valuation tool, we offer three free lookups of current values. Knowing how much a car is worth is one thing, but it also helps to see if prices are trending up or down. For a hint of those price trends, sign up for a free account to see to three years of price history, plus an unlimited number of lookups and an integrated view of similar cars currently for sale on eBay.

Hagerty valuation tools

The best access to the Hagerty Valuation Tool comes with paid membership in the Hagerty Drivers Club. In addition to unlimited valuation lookups, you get full historic data on every listing in our online database—more than 10 years of pricing data in most cases. You’ll also see a list of recent auction sales of similar models.

In addition to the most comprehensive pricing data on classic and modern collectible cars, HDC membership also includes exclusive online seminars with our experts from our valuation team and leading figures in the collector car world like Colin Comer and Hagerty Price Guide publisher Dave Kinney.

HDC membership also includes six issues per year of Hagerty magazine, discounts from our partners, premium roadside assistance, exclusive live and online events, and our Carcierge help desk. Learn more and join today!

Hagerty valuation tools
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    Need a current valuation on a 1967 L71 Corvette with both tops. Kelsey Hayes wheels and side pipes. Absolutely perfect. 2.5 year restoration

    Having a friendly disagreement on the Austin Healey Forum. I quoted your valuations for a BJ8 ’66 and some on the forum claims your info shows a decrease in prices for the Healeys. Can you show me who may be wrong? I would compare a 5 year track record but based upon each of your ## categories of condition. Thanks

    I would like to know the value of my 1960 T-Bird in good running condition and it looks nice.
    I have Hagerty insurance on it.

    I have a 1970 Buick Skylark, #433270H228773, insured under policy number 1N34737. It’s a 2 door thin pillar coupe (NOT a sedan) with a 350 2 barrel carburetor (NOT a 4 barrel). Please add this option to your valuation guide so that I can get an estimated value. Thank you.

    Have to agree with E from above. I own your stock and have 8 cars insured with you. Every time I try to check on the latest valuations for my cars, it’s extremely challenging to find how to do so. You need to make your site much more user friendly. Extremely frustrated.

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