Graph of the Week: Hagerty Price Guide 28’s Biggest Movers

Although terms like “slowdown” and “leveling off” have been used to describe the market in recent weeks surrounding Monterey and with the release of Hagerty Price Guide 28, there is still substantial growth to be found for certain classics. This week’s graph represents 10 vehicles with some of the biggest value increases since the release of Hagerty Price Guide 27 back in May. Values are for cars in #2, or “excellent”, condition.

That seven out of the 10 date from the 1980s-90s, four are German and two are Porsche 911s doesn’t come as too much of a surprise given the amount of recent interest in such cars. The pace of growth is still intriguing, though, and shows that some cars that have been growing at a seemingly unsustainable rate (like the 911s) are still carrying momentum — at least for now.

The E30 BMW M3 has been one of the best examples of a car moving from used car to “future classic” to full-blown collectible in a short period of time. Several huge recent auction resutls have corroborated the demand for these cars, and they’ve seen a 56 percent change since May. The original Audi Quattro is a similar car that’s an even more dramatic example than the BMW, with a 96 percent change.

A bit higher up the price spectrum, the once relatively affordable Ferrari 328 GTS continues to climb with a 28 percent increase, and the “Rambo Lambo” LM002A recorded a 43 percent increase. Vehicles popular among Gen Xers have been the most interesting to watch from a valuation standpoint lately, and these Hagerty Price Guide numbers show that they continue to be the classics with the most momentum.

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