You can buy the last Ferrari NART Spider, at least theoretically

The final Ferrari NART Spider ever built is available. Or it will be in about a month. Apparently, its current owner has tired of it and consigned it for sale at RM Sotheby’s Monaco auction. Your chance to own it arrives on May 14, 2016.

It deserves your attention because, in addition to being the final 275 NART Spider, it was the only NART Spider ever sold new in Europe and was the third-to-last 275-series Ferrari ever built. Additionally, it is Ferrari Classiche certified and features matching numbers throughout. Oh and RM Sotheby’s high estimate is $26.2 million, while our valuation estimates that the car will sell for more than $25 million, hence your theoretical ownership.

This NART Spider was first sold in Spain to a Spanish Colonel of the Foreign Legion, and subsequently, through a few lucky owners, travelled to England, Switzerland, and back to England. And although it was originally painted Grigio Scuro (dark grey), and is the only example painted in this color, it was later sprayed to match Faye Dunaway’s Ferrari in The Thomas Crown Affair.

But the NART Spider’s story doesn’t begin with Dunaway, or with her co-star Steve McQueen who was so impressed with the car that he bought one after driving the movie car. It begins with American Ferrari importer (and famed North American Racing Team boss) Luigi Chinetti who felt there was a gap in Ferrari’s lineup.

After Ferrari debuted the 330GTS, designed as a top-down, luxo-cruiser, and the super-tourer 275 GTB/4, Chinetti told Enzo Ferrari that American clients wanted the best of both worlds. He lobbied Ferrari successfully and the 275 GTS/4 NART Spider is the result.

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