Auction Recap: Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2016

45 years after their first go at auctioning cars in Scottsdale, Barrett-Jackson has become a sensation in the collector car world and a “bucket list” trip for many enthusiasts. This year saw a strong turnout form both spectators and sellers that resulted in $103.4 million in sales. While this is down from last year’s mega sale of $131.9 million, that difference comes mostly from the sales boost of the big Ron Pratte collection in 2015.

The big car for the week for Barrett-Jackson was a 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach at $1,760,000. Less than a year ago, that car would have technically had an MSRP of $929,000. The high sale that drew the most attention, however, was the privilege of owning the first production 2017 Acura NSX. This sale came with a price tag of $1,200,000, which was donated to charity. This also eclipsed the previous $1.15 million record price paid for a Japanese automobile.
Bandit era Firebirds were especially hot during the week. Two ultra-low mileage examples sold for over $100,000, with the cherry on top being Burt Reynolds’ personal 1977 Trans Am “Smokey and the Bandit” promo car selling for $550,000 and presented by the Bandit himself. Another surprising sale was a 213-mile 1990 Camaro IROC-Z, a 1LE example that found a new home at $49,500.

Top 10

1. 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach sold for $1,760,000
2. 1939 Mercedes-Benz 500K Cabriolet sold for $1,485,000
3. 2017 Acura NSX “serial number 1” sold for $1,200,000*
4. 1965 Shelby Cobra 289 sold for $797,000
5. 1947 Talbot-Lago Record T26 Cabriolet sold for $715,000
6. 1955 Chevrolet Corvette “serial number 1” sold for $605,000**
1956 Chevrolet Corvette “serial number 1” sold for $605,000**
1957 Chevrolet Corvette “serial number 1” sold for $605,000**
7. 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Convertible sold for $577,500
8. 1939 Talbot-Lago T-15 Cabriolet sold for $550,000
1977 Pontiac Trans Am “Smokey and the Bandit promo car” sold for $550,000
2016 Ford Focus RS “serial number one” sold for $550,000*
9. 1953 Chevrolet Corvette sold for $533,500
10.  2006 Ford GT Heritage sold for $522,500

*Sold for charity
**Sold as one lot

Barrett-Jackson’s next sale will be at Palm Beach, FL from April 8-10, 2016.

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