Auction Preview: $5K steals at Fall Auburn

It is easy to get lost in all of the big numbers that get thrown around after an event like Monterey. With Ferrari after Ferrari pulling down multi-million dollar figures, it may seem like owning a classic car is a luxury reserved only for the elite. But as the yin to that yang, I have compiled a list of cars to watch at this weekend’s Fall Auburn auction by Auctions America. This is by no means a top 10 list of most expensive cars or a list of great investments. The purpose here is to have as much fun as possible for around $5,000.

  1. 1985 Mercedes Benz 500SL Roadster (Lot 1064)
    It doesn’t take much convincing on this one. A Mercedes Benz roadster with the hard top, a 5.0L V-8 and the historic SL-class at its back make this an easy choice for great fun at a low price tag.
  2. 1986 Chevrolet Corvette Indy Pace Car (Lot 1130)
    Nothing says performance like Corvette, especially when it is an Indy 500 Pace Car edition. Yes, there are much faster and better-looking Corvettes to choose from, but good luck getting one for this price. Even though it is an automatic, the small-block 350ci makes this topless icon an easy choice for the entry-level collector.
  3. 1981 Lancia Beta Zagato Coupe (Lot 7036)
    I like oddball cars. I’ve said it proudly, and it is with that idea I have chosen this Lancia. Steeped with Italian heritage, it was designed by Pinninfarina and built by Zagato. With a twin cam 2.0L four, five-speed manual transmission, versatile targa/convertible top, and space for kids in the backseat, this may very well be the best inexpensive family classic available in Auburn.
  4. 1959 Volkswagen Beetle Coupe (Lot 2018)
    If you are expecting to see a 100 percent correct nut-and-bolt restoration on this list, I’m sorry. What I can provide is a very well refurbished 1959 Volkswagen Beetle Coupe. Newly painted in Capri Blue, the seller has gone through this Beetle fairly well, replacing the chrome, tires, window and door gaskets, updating the upholstery and rebuilding the engine and exhaust. The fact that it is a four-speed manual transmission is icing on the cake (yes, I know they were all manuals, but come on; the third pedal just makes cars cooler).
  5. 1994 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Coupe (Lot 3034)
    If you’re looking for a historically collectible pony car, you can’t beat the Camaro Z28. Another solid option, this fourth-generation Camaro has the small-block 350 boasting 275 hp. Equipped with a rear spoiler, alloy wheels, dual exhaust, T-top and the creatively named “Bright Red” color, it’s a real head-turner. Obviously worth a closer inspection in person, what is represented on Auctions America’s site looks to be in fantastic shape.
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