2014 Monterey Auction Preview: Cars under $100,000

The annual Monterey auctions are best known for record-setting sales of some of the world’s most exclusive and impressive collector cars, but there are hundreds of cars up for bid that will sell for amounts well within reach of most classic car enthusiasts. Here are five that caught our eye.

1965 Honda S600 SM Convertible
Mecum, Lot F29
Estimate: not given
Hagerty Price Guide: $9,400-$38,000
One of first mass-produced sports cars that Japan put in front of American buyers. Today the Honda S600 compares well with bigger-engined British roadsters of the era thanks to its reliability and ultra-high redline. This one has been nicely restored and looks good in Minilite wheels, though it is a right-hooker which will likely scare casual buyers away. Could be a real bargain.

1969 Ford Talladega Sportsroof Coupe
Russo and Steele, Lot not given
Estimate: not given
Hagerty Price Guide: $24,700-$76,000
The Talladega was in the right place at the right time, and probably never should have been produced, which makes it an interesting and often forgotten car today. It boasts low production numbers, a competition connection, and cool looks that are more exaggerated than other Ford products of the day. Perpetually undervalued, which makes for cheap fun.

1960 Jaguar Mark IX Sedan
Mecum, Lot T54
Estimate: not given
Hagerty Price Guide: $16,000-$48,600
The Mark IX was the last of Jaguar’s massive luxury sedans, and it delivers both a stately presence and reasonable performance. These cars are incredibly expensive to restore, given the amount of wood, leather and rich interior appointments they carry. The example offered here has recently completed a resto, which is most often the best way to get a bargain with Jaguar saloons.

1988 BMW M5
Mecum, Lot T57
Estimate: not given
Hagerty Price Guide: $7,300-$24,600
Early BMW M products are currently spiking in value as younger buyers seek out low-mile and unmodified examples. E30s lead the way, but we know of more than one family man who is instead hunting for E28 M5s. Few U.S.-spec cars were built, and they offer a sophisticated balance of performance and practicality that is still quite affordable (even if maintenance isn’t necessarily so). This example looks clean and appealing, and it will probably do quite well.

1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider
Gooding & Company, Lot 3
Estimate: $80,000-$100,000
Hagerty Price Guide: $24,700-$68,000
Booming Porsche prices have pushed those seeking a mid-priced European sports car to other marques, which has clearly benefited Alfa prices over the past three years. This Giulietta has been recently restored, and Gooding’s presale estimate attests to both the quality of the work as well as the general state of the Alfa market.

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