Auction Preview: Mecum’s 2014 Anaheim Sale

As the year winds down, Mecum Auctions hopes to end strong with three events in a month. The first in the series is its Anaheim sale. Slated for Nov. 13-15 at the Anaheim Convention Center, this event is expected to offer 750 vehicles. Mecum has done a good job of compiling an array of high-end cars along with many accessible to the everyday collector. Here are four on our watch list:

1970 Chevrolet Nova SS Coupe 396/375
Lot F131
Hagerty Price Guide: $30,300 – $67,900
It is tough to imagine many cars that scream budget muscle in the early ’70s more than the Chevrolet Nova SS.  The Nova was most commonly bought as a means of daily transportation, not a fire-breathing big block-powered monster. Nowadays, those who opted for the cheaper Nova back in 1970 have been rewarded with a car that has performed as well in the market as the 1970 Camaro SS without the fluctuations in value as the muscle car market recovered. A car advertised as numbers-matching should be the perfect opportunity to check in on the Nova and see if prices are still holding steady.

1965 Sunbeam Tiger Mk IA Convertible
Lot S144
Hagerty Price Guide: $25,800 – $95,700
Sunbeam Tigers have been on everyone’s radar after the marque’s spectacular performance in Monterey this past August. Though much of the attention has been focused on the more powerful 1967 Mk II, earlier models equipped with the 260 Ford are beginning to look like a more cost-effective alternative after two different Mk II tigers blew past $200,000 at auction. We will be watching the Tiger for awhile to see if this upward trend in value is going to continue.

1973 Volvo 1800ES Station Wagon
Lot F152
Hagerty Price Guide: $7,400 – $31,100
Volvo is perhaps best known for its station wagons. Before the famous box-style wagons came the curvier and compact 1800ES. While 1800 series cars have remained relatively unnoticed over the years, they have received a bit of attention in 2014.  With a handful of cars selling this year for higher than market prices, it will be interesting to see if this car will continue that trend or if things will settle back down.

1965 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 396/425
Lot S92.1
Hagerty Price Guide: $58,000 – $154,000
For Chevy, 1965 was a big year — the first that the automaker dared to drop a big-block V-8 into the Corvette. This was the only year the 396 saw a home in the Corvette, as it was quickly eclipsed by the 427 the next year, making the same 425hp.  Market performance has been nearly identical to the comparable 1966 — making the perfect opportunity for Corvette collectors to own a first-year big block car.

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