Auction Preview: Auctions America’s 2013 Spring Auburn sale

May 9-11, 2013, Auctions America will hold its annual Spring Auburn auction at the Auburn Auction Park in Auburn, Ind., marking the company’s third Spring Auburn sale. More than 500 cars are anticipated to be on offer, positioning the event to surpass last year’s $4.4m tally.

Spring Auburn is a much smaller sale than the annual Fall sale held over Labor Day weekend, which makes it a great way to kick off the 2013 season in earnest. Far fewer cars and spectators make the May pilgrimage much more manageable when compared to September, but the quality of consignments is consistent across the two sales. It’s also an easy place to pick up an inexpensive summer cruiser to enjoy for the season.

This year, as in years past, Auctions America has curated an interesting selection of vehicles. Here are five we will be keeping a key eye on.

1931 Auburn 8-98 Boattail Speedster
One of the star cars of the event is this Boattail Speedster, which was restored in the 1980s. Handsomely presented in beautiful colors, this Auburn is a striking hallmark design. The Fall and Spring Auburn sales have historically been great venues for A-C-D cars, and this example should follow suit.

1952 Hudson Hornet 6 Hollywood Hardtop
Of all the Hudsons on offer at Spring Auburn this year, this Hornet from the John Soneff Collection is particularly interesting. It carries the desirable Twin-H Power induction and has a new interior. Plus, it is a beloved Hollywood Hardtop. There have been some astronomical sales of step-down Hudsons during the past few months, so this car in driver condition (along with the rest of the Soneff Hudsons) should provide a good indication of exactly how high the middle of the Hudson market has climbed.
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1947 Buick Super Estate Woody Wagon
Woody wagons are damn cool, and Auctions America has consigned a number of them for Spring Auburn. This particular model is an older restoration that reportedly retains most of its original wood and has been well maintained since. It features the prewar look that was carried through the 1946-48 Super, which seems all the more fitting for a Woody for some reason. Depending on the full condition of the car, this could be a buying opportunity.
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1951 Crosley Super Sport Convertible
The Crosley Super Sport convertible is rarely seen with only 391 built, but it’s not only rare—it’s unusual. The tiny Super’s convertible roof really amounts to a full-length canvas sunroof that runs from the top of the windshield clear to the back of the passenger compartment. Microcars hit new heights in RM’s superheated Bruce Weiner auction in February, so this car will help serve as a reality check.
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1965 American Motors Marlin Fastback
When’s the last time you saw one? These cars rarely come to market and certainly stand out in a crowd. If you ever wanted to buck the herd mentality, the Marlin certainly fits the bill. Not particularly fast, the car is spacious and handsome, and generally a nice bargain candidate.
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