Top five classic car summer pastimes

Classic cars are timeless and live on through the ages, and so do the pastimes and the memories that come with them. Here are five favorite pastimes that have persevered through much of automotive history:

Drive-in movies: They were — and are — a wonderful, prominent part of Americana. Every person who went to an old drive-in movie theater has a story about going to an outdoor movie, whether they watched the movie or not. Perhaps it’s where you had your first kiss or took your first car. The drive-in theaters that remain today take you back to the innocent times you spent as a child with your family, or perhaps this is where you were finally able to put your seat back and feet up after a long day of work while your kids played on the playground in anticipation of the feature film.

[Video: Classic cars take over drive-in theater]

Sunday drives:  Around the time when cars were becoming a necessity to every household, well-paved roads were emerging and Sunday drives grew into a popular tradition. Men would take their girlfriends, wives or families on a car ride each Sunday, and sometimes women would take their friends or children. Maybe they would just go sight-seeing and stop in nearby towns to show off their new wheels, or they would go grab a milkshake and share a few laughs. No matter where they went on that Sunday, it was a day to look forward to and a perfect opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

Drive-in dining: Drive-through national fast food chain restaurants are more popular today than ever, but the family-owned, old-fashioned drive-in diners are harder to find. One way to spark the memory center in the brain is undoubtedly through taste buds, and everyone can recall their favorite drive-in restaurant. Full service for the entire family right to your car and the best soda and burgers in town made for an unforgettable combination.

Cruise nights: Classic cars have been bringing people together for decades, and cruise nights are just one example. Like-minded people who love cars would — and still do — form car clubs and arrange cruise nights, or sometimes it is just friends getting together at the spur of the moment in need of a car fix. There isn’t much else that can beat cruising around in a lineup of classic cars surrounded by great company and getting the “thumbs-up” from passers-by.

[Video: The Woodward Dream Cruise]

Drag strips: In the 1940s drag racing frequently took place on unused military runways, and it gave all the bored kids with cars something to look forward to — an adrenaline rush. It was an underground pastime for the drivers who were obsessed with speed.  The need for speed continued throughout the generations and emerged from the underground with even faster cars, regulated track conditions, safety barriers and approved racing equipment. Secure spectating areas make drag strips an entertaining family event that encourages involvement from younger generations and keeps the memories alive.

[Video: 1966 Chevelle drag strip test]

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