Instagram photo gallery: Our favorite automotive images

We’re pretty proud of all the sweet automotive photos that we post on Instagram. But we enjoy looking at other people’s, too. We asked members of the Hagerty Media team to share their recent (non-Hagerty) Instagram favorites. Here are their picks, with staff listed in alphabetical order by first name:

Ben Woodworth, Video Team Lead

VW Bus instagram @amyshorephotography

It’s no secret around here that I love old vans. An old VW bus is pretty much as cool as it gets. The patina and old lettering on this particular VW is awesome. But what I like the most about this photo (by @amyshorephotography) is the composition and the very subtle match of the orange color from the van and the pipe/railing on the wall.

Eric Weiner, Digital Managing Editor

@chrislabrooy on instagram

Chris Labrooy (@chrislabrooy) is a brilliant and rather talented digital 3D artist from Scotland, with a particular interest in classic cars. He renders both his settings and his crazy visual automotive experiments completely in the virtual world, where he can manipulate and play with them in impossible, fantastic fashion. I love this 964 series Porsche 911, both for its palpable sense of texture, as well as its splashes of color, which remind me of the old Harlequin VW Golfs.

Jeff Peek, Senior Writer

@britishcarsdrivers on instagram

Bridge? We don’t need no stinking bridge. This photo (by @britishcarsdrivers) shouts adventure. Count me in.

Joe DeMatio, Senior Manager of Content

@puppyknuckles on instagram

Road & Track’s Performance Car of the Year lineup is always an impressive group. (Photo by @puppyknuckles)

Jordan Lewis, Video Production Specialist

@tony_goes_retro on Instagram

Back in the day they didn’t have GoPros, only imagination and some tape. And I’m sorry, but I have to add this: #footyfortheboys. Gotta get one of these t-shirts! (Photo by @tony_goes_retro)

Larry Webster, Vice President of Content

@bikeexif on instagram

Love the home of Scrambler motorcycles! (Photo by @bikeexif)

Matt Lewis, Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist

@abstractsunday comb car

This image (by @abstractsunday) both cracks me up and is inspirational. What a fantastic idea: take everyday stuff and create an image with it. It’s simple, fun, and it takes some serious creativity to turn a comb into a (Rolls Royce?) limo. Best of all, it begs for some clever comments. Like, “Grrroom, Grrroom!”

Mike Austin, Digital Content Director

@koenigseggautomotive on instagram

The calm before the world record. Incredible that such a small company like Koenigsegg (@koenigseggautomotive) can do so much.

Nick Gravlin, Digital Asset Coordinator

@loprestocollection alfa restoration

The contrast between how this Alfa was found and how it is restored is both shocking and beautiful. (Photo by @loprestocollection)

Sandon Voelker, Video Specialist

@petrocamp on instagram

Looking at photos capturing racing’s history, we tend to think of the danger behind the wheel. This image illustrates that perhaps it was equally dangerous to be competitive behind the lens. (Photo by @petrocamp)

Stefan Lombard, Managing Editor, Hagerty magazine

@eliyahu_nawi on instagram

I love the idea of a car being so “throwaway” that ridiculous hoonage is the only alternative. The potential for mayhem here is incredible. (Photo by @eliyahu_nawi)

Todd Kraemer, Senior Art Director, Hagerty magazine

@jocelyn.janon on instagram

I like this photographer’s Instagram collection (@jocelyn.janon) as a whole, so it’s difficult to choose one favorite. I like this one, and this one, and this one… OK, you get the point. I appreciate the hook here, looking through cars at a car show to include the people looking in or finding the owners unaware. A bit voyeuristic, I suppose, but a take on the culture of the car crowd at these shows instead of only focusing on the lines of the cars themselves. The car becomes the frame, the car fan the subject.

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