The 2022 Monterey auctions were off the charts (and we have the charts to prove it)

Matt Tierney

It’s no secret that we dig numbers here at Hagerty Insider, almost as much as we love great old cars. This year’s Monterey auctions, the most monumental in a decade, had plenty of both. Let’s dig through the significant figures from last week’s sales.


Sales were the highest ever, at $473M, but inflation takes a bite out of that:



What was behind the big totals? Millionaires in the mood to buy:



Those million-dollar cars accounted for 70 percent of total sales:



But it wasn’t just seven-figure cars selling. The number and scale of world record sales were astronomical at all levels:


The old greats dominated the top sales:


But the real winners of the week were Ferrari halo cars:




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