Five Classic Cars for Under 5K

Here is some good news for car enthusiasts everywhere: You don’t need an overflowing wallet to enjoy life with a classic car. There are a wide variety of vehicles to be found for under 5 grand that could tickle anyone’s fancy, including —but by no means limited to — these fine finds:

1969-74 Ford Galaxie 500: It was built for a luxurious, comfortable and quiet ride during the time when cars were getting bigger to meet the public’s demands. Options included air conditioning, high-back bucket seats, AM/FM radio, dual rear speakers, power door locks, power steering, power windows, Rimblow steering wheel and steering wheel tilt, all of which met the desires of consumers.

1987 Shelby Turbo CSX: As a limited-production high-performance vehicle, not many were made, but even so they still pop up for sale and have been seen in exceptional all-original condition at this price point. It’s the perfect way to get a big bang for your buck in head-tossing turbocharged horsepower, and several offer an extra bonus with Carroll Shelby’s famed signature on the glove box.

1967-69 Cadillac Eldorado: Nothing says class quite like riding in comfort in a Cadillac. Even if you find a more readily available four-door versus the more sought after two-door, these big boats are so stylin’ that most onlookers don’t notice at first glance, and yes, it is entirely possible to find a two-door in road-ready condition for $5,000. Not only do these cars make great family cruisers, but their values maintain stable with potential to increase in future years.

1963 Chevrolet Corvair Monza:  Packed with personality, this car has a large cult following, but if you look hard enough you may be able to find a coupe —or if you’re really lucky, a convertible — in decent condition for the price range. Not only is it an older fun-to-drive car that will maintain its value, it’s a rather simple creature that has parts readily available for easy repairs.

1973 Mercedes 450SL: Sharp, elegant and sporty, this is the only year of 450SL that used the slim, easy-on-the -eyes bumpers before the clumsy U.S.-spec federally regulated bumpers, which gave the car an undeniable fat-lip effect, took over in 1974. Available in a coupe or convertible, the V-8 engine offers the car plenty of cruising power. But with values rising steadily, you may want to grab this one quick.

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