Top 10 Reasons to Go to the Sunnyland Boat Festival

  • Enjoy a St. John’s River Cruise. Southbound from Jacksonville or northbound from Palatka, you won’t be disappointed. This is on my bucket list.
  • Visit the docks to get a look at some of the finest classic boats in the country. You’ll find the friendliest captains (and first mates), excited to talk about their boats.
  • Take part in Friday’s picnic, which begins with a cruise through the Dora Canal and ends with a delicious barbeque lunch at Hickory Point. Be on the lookout for wildlife (especially gators).
  • Experience the best flea market I’ve ever seen in 25 years of attending boat shows. If you can’t find it here, it’s not going to be found.
  • Homemade ice cream – made the old-fashioned way!
  • A quick boat ride to the Sunday church service, which is held in a remote cove on Lake Dora. Don’t miss this unique opportunity.
  • Shining gators! Been there, done that – wow. Enough said.
  • All aboard the “Orange Blossom Cannonball,” a 1907 steam locomotive that runs between Tavares and Mt. Dora.
  • Shopping in Mt. Dora. Ladies, I’m talking to you! You’ll be amazed at the wide array of retail and specialty shops (and you can delight your husbands with some fine chocolate).
  • And perhaps the No. 1 reason to attend the Sunnyland Boat Festival – the amazing hospitality! Now in its 27th year, attendance at the event continues to grow, and the wonderful people who make it happen deserve the credit.

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