Hagerty’s Marine Price Guide revamped

Thanks for viewing our online Marine Price Guide. We’ve taken a look at literally thousands of boats in every condition to assemble this guide. Coming off of the lows that we experienced in the great recession, we’ve seen some movement in the marketplace, mostly upwards.

The takeaway news? We find our Rivas are up in value mostly by 5-8% in 2017. Rivas are international boats with many owners and followers in Europe, as well as here in North America.

Some mixed news for Chris Craft, with a whopping 40 percent more boats on the market. The average asking price for the 19-foot Barrel Back is down 3-5 percent. Values of the Chris-Craft 18′ Cobra remain unchanged, with about 20 percent less of these exciting boats on the market. The news is much different for the 21′ Cobra, with average asking prices up 10-20 percent, and this with a near astonishing 75 percent more boats on the market than 2016.

Don’t forget that we have added the very popular Century Coronados to the pricing mix, have a look.

Please keep in mind (and this is important!) that these are guide values and in your search you will find boats priced both higher and lower than our guide price. In the case of exceptional boats, those with an interesting and documented history or strikingly original boats, you might find examples that exceed our Number 1 value. In the case of boats with lots of needs, you might find an example worth less than our Number 4 value. If you are exceptionally handy and are looking for a project, a boat with needs might be a fun endeavor for you. Conversely, if you are looking for the “just add water” solution, buy the best possible boat in your price range. Paying more up front often means saving money in the long run.

No matter what your approach, get out on the water and enjoy.

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